Jun 20, 2017

The Big Move

The last several months have consisted of lots of uncertainty, stress, and big decision making. We've tried to keep as much of it as possible to ourselves because we wanted to make the best decision for our family based on our own opinions, not what everyone else thought we should do.

Right after Easter, M interviewed for a job up in the twin cities. There were two routes he could go in this particular company. After some confusion and several weeks had passed, it looked like we were going to be staying around the Ames/Des Moines area and he would continue looking for a new job. The end of our lease was coming up quickly (it's done at the end of June) so we needed to make a game plan and stick with it. Then he discussed the other route he could go with this same company and we realized it was actually going to be a much better option for our family. This new route involved M taking a few classes to become certified for this new position, then having a follow-up interview. Oh, and did I mention he had to do all of this before he left for his annual training on June 1st?!

So he took the first of two classes and had his follow-up interview which went very well! They offered him the position, which he accepted, then almost immediately had to leave for two weeks of AT. That left me packing up and deep cleaning our apartment, traveling back and forth to look for housing 3 hours away in the Twin Cities, taking care of our toddler, and trying to take care of myself. With midwife appointments and ultrasounds and blood tests thrown in the mix. To say the last few weeks have been hectic is a giant understatement! Now that the decision to move had been made official, we had to decide whether buying a house was an option for us or if we would have to rent for a year before we could make it happen.

Lots of long distance house hunting (which is hard enough in itself but then to have your husband in a different location too made it twice as hard) with the help of family and an awesome realtor led us to putting in an offer on a house. We prayed that if this was meant to be our house then it would happen and if not, that it would fall through immediately. Well, after some shady business happened, we were outbid on that house. It wasn't meant to be! I drove back to our apartment to continue packing while we did some more long distance house hunting. We were still back and forth on whether we should rent throughout this whole process. Later that week we found another house that needed some minor updates but mostly just cosmetic stuff to make it more our style. We put in an offer on this house and early the next morning we found out that they accepted our offer!! All of this chaos happened while M was still gone for AT. He came home Wednesday night and by Friday we were headed up to see our home for the very first time! We had the inspection done while we were there Friday. We tried to make some decisions on a few things that needed to be done before we moved in too.

So, pending everything goes smoothly over the next month, we will be moved into our new house, M will be starting his new job, and we will be getting settled in just in time to welcome our second little monkey to the family! We would so appreciate all prayers and positive thoughts you would send our way because the next few months still have quite a bit of uncertainty as we wait for things to be finalized. We are ready to be settled down in our new home state of Minnesota!

Relaxing during the house hunt.
So much time on the road is exhausting!

We drove an extra hour out of the cities before we headed home to see M during his AT. This isn't something we'd normally get to do but I'm so happy it worked out for us to see him for just a little bit!

Boxes are starting to take over.

Boxes cost how much?!

Before entering our house for the first time ever! Praying for no surprises and smooth sailing until closing!

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