Jun 9, 2017

Currently in June at the Hanson House

I thought I'd jump in on the Currently link-up with my friend Erin and Anne, since things have been hectic and I've been absent around here lately!

Planning: our move to Minnesota! The packing, the house hunting, the transferring to new doctors and midwives, the address changes. My mind is mush this pregnancy but add in all the other things that need to be planned and I swear I'm constantly scribbling in my planner or sending myself texts so I don't forget any of it.

Wishing: for a vacation and a way to lay on my belly at the pool for a day! So much stress, the good kind, has me wishing for a week away with my hubby! Laying by the pool and just reading a book all day. I burned the front side of myself over Memorial weekend so now its so much more tan than the rest of me! I'd love to find a comfortable way to just lay on my belly in the sun to even it out a bit haha.

Learning: to take the help when it's offered. Trying to deep clean our apartment after 2+ years, throw out and donate all the stuff we don't need or don't want to bring with us, and trying to pack by myself while chasing a toddler is more than my 7 month pregnant body can handle most days. We've had family and friends offer to help in any way they can! Normally I'd try to do it all myself but I'm taking my brother and SIL up on their offer to babysit tomorrow so I can knock a bunch of it out at once!

Browsing: Pinterest for all things house related! Though we're trying to buy a house, the housing market is INSANE right now. Houses are selling left and right before we even have a chance to see them in person. So we may end up renting for a little bit longer until we can find a house we love. Either way, I'm finally going to put in the effort to decorate our new place instead of hodge-podging the stuff we've collected over the years! It's fun to dream about what our new place will look like :)

Going: Hopefully nowhere for a little while! The last two weeks have been insanely full of travel. We went on a long Memorial Weekend camping trip with our high school friends back home, came home for a few days, then back to our hometown again for an awesome market that happens twice a year. Then up to the cities to house hunt for a few days before finally making it back to our place again on Tuesday night. My body let me know how unhappy it was after all that! We're trying to stick around our place as much as possible over the next week and I'm looking forward to it!

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