May 9, 2017

Photo Dump

My mind is mush right now with about a million different fires I've got to put out in the next few months. Since I didn't have anything planned for today's post, I'm just going to do a photo dump from the last few weeks!

When daddy had to help Mav get down for a nap but then he caught me snapping a picture haha.

Life is messy and stressful right now, obviously my look reflected that.

Mama and Mav frozen yogurt date.

I can't get over his outfit or how much fun he has trying to figure the drinking fountain out.

He's been climbing up in my lap a lot lately to snuggle.

I used to think I looked dumb in hats but now they just make me feel extra close to my Aunt Barb <3

Squirrel huntin' in the park...his idea obviously.

Lopsided belly after a walk.

He put on his sunglasses without me even realizing it. He's so darn cute!

That watermelon in my belly is growing.

When you really want ice cream but you also don't want your weight to explode.

Grilling season is upon us.

Sweet little Goose before my midwife appointment today.

Anyone else's kid think it's funny to try and kick them on the swings?

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