May 11, 2017

22 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 22 weeks + 6 days
Total weight gain: 10 lbs --- I swear I go through spurts where I don't gain weight for two weeks and then the next two weeks I gain a bunch of weight. Baby growth spurt? I mean, he is over a pound now so I can blame it on that, right?! ;)
Maternity clothes? Off and on. I'm still mixing in a few of my non-maternity tops and sweatshirts when they fit. I also wore my favorite pair of non-maternity shorts with just a hair tie the other day and they still fit great. I'm on the lookout for a shorter maternity bodycon dress and 1-2 more pairs of maternity shorts to get through the Summer but I'm pretty much set on everything else!
Sleep: Having some weeeeeeeird dreams this week. Probably has to do with my stress level lately. Also, I'm positive I shake the whole bed when I roll over at night because it's a process to get from one side to the other haha.
Best moment this week: Having a little picnic in the park. It was GORGEOUS out on Sunday night so Mav and I grabbed some dairy queen and headed to a park. We set up our blanket and enjoyed the sun! Then Mark got home from drill and hung out with us for a bit before we all headed home. I have SO missed being able to enjoy the outdoors on a consistent basis. I think the awesome weather is finally here to stay!
Worst Moment this week: Getting a really bad back ache coupled with braxton hicks from over doing it on Friday and Saturday. The random nosebleed I got the other night was not fun either. Also, toddler tornado is in full testing force this week!
Miss Anything? Being able to sit up without having to roll to my side first. WINE. Not having stress overload.
Cravings: Granny smith apples, ice cream, mexican food. Fresh fruit! Water!
Symptoms: Hot feet (peppermint oil and AC to the rescue), still morning sickness so I've been unsuccessful in weaning off that once-a-day Zofran, weird dreams. Extra hungry even though nothing sounds good which is probably why my weight gain jumped up.
Looking forward to: Having our make-up 3D ultrasound next week. Can't wait to see baby boy's face in 3D and see how much he's grown since our 16 week ultrasound. Forever in awe of watching little babes in the womb!

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