Apr 11, 2017

Hour By Hour

I started a weekly self-portrait photo project at the beginning of this year. I did really well the first few weeks but then pregnancy and life distracted me and I sort of slacked off. I lost inspiration and couldn't decide what I wanted to capture. So I decided to do an hourly photo challenge to capture an ordinary day in our lives and push myself to photograph it in different ways. With the exception of one picture, I got myself into every single photo throughout the day. This post will be awesome to look back on in the future as a true glimpse into what our life was like at this time. Soon our schedule will change as we spend more time outside. Once the baby is here, life will be totally different! I'm thinking I may try to do this every 6 months or so (if I can remember haha) to keep track of how we spent our days in each stage of life.

7 AM
Laying in bed checking social media on my phone before I crawl out of bed for the day. I usually have the monitor turned on at this point so I can see when Mav wakes up.

 8 AM
My sunshine <3 Every day when I walk into his room to get him out of bed he says "morning mom mom!" and gives me a huge smile. I never want to forget that!

 9 AM
I usually eat breakfast with Mav and then get ready and clean up while he watches cartoons. I've been trying to get back into the habit of making the bed. Most days I fail haha.

 10 AM
We're working on teaching Mav to dress himself but he still needs some help at this point. After he finishes his breakfast and cartoons, he gets dressed for the day.

If we're leaving the house I usually try to tame his wild mane with some hair gel. He does pretty well about letting me do his hair but sometimes I have to make funny faces to distract him long enough to finish.

11 AM
Out running errands. This time it was Hobby Lobby but usually it's Target ;) 

12 PM
Mav took me on a lunch date to Chik Fil A! I try to have lunch dates with him at least once a month where we go in, sit down with our food and talk, I show him how to use his manners, how to be a gentleman on a date. It's fun for me and it's also a great teaching moment! 

 1 PM
Nap time hustle. Some days I nap while he naps but usually I rest for half an hour then start checking things off my to-do list. This time it was editing some photos and listening to a podcast.

 2 PM
Someone woke up extra early from his nap and was crying pretty hard. We snuggled and danced until he cheered up. Normally he hangs out in his bed reading books until nap time is over. Every once in awhile, I'll get him up right away and we snuggle.

3 PM
We usually hang out and eat snacks while playing, migrating from room to room for the next hour or so.

 4 PM
Mark was home early and Gage needed a haircut so obviously we had to pile around to hang out. Life with a toddler, being crawled all over.

 5 PM
Making supper and as usual, I have lots of little feet to trip over.

 6 PM
We normally don't eat sitting this close together but we are all in the living room. We don't have anywhere for our kitchen table so we eat pretty much every meal sitting on the couch. There are lots of shenanigans that go on during supper time!

 7 PM
Getting some last minute snuggles during "quiet time" before bed. He hits peak energy just before bed so usually we try to encourage him to snuggle with us to avoid getting all riled up again.

 8 PM
The last part of our bedtime routine is saying Mav's bedtime prayer. He's usually antsy through the whole thing but he folds his little hands and stays quiet until he shouts "AMEN!" when I'm done. :)

 9 PM
Most nights end with us snuggling on the couch watching whatever Netflix series we are finishing.

 10 PM
Snuggled up in bed with my pregnancy pillow, winding down for the night. We're usually in bed between 10-10:30 but I haven't been falling asleep until much later lately.

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