Apr 4, 2017

Big Boy Bed

We (I) were really hoping to put off this transition as long as possible. We enjoy our morning sleep and we didn't want that interrupted by a toddler jumping on our heads. By eighteen months we thought we were in trouble because that was the first time we caught Mav trying to climb out of his crib. There's no way he'll make it until two we thought!

Well his second birthday birthday rolled around and we were surprised he had yet to climb out of the crib. Try as he might, he just never did it. We didn't want him to fall out and with a potential move this Summer and baby in the Fall, we figured it was time to take the plunge. Thankfully his crib transitions to a toddler bed so we didn't have to buy him a whole new bed yet. I snapped a few photos of him in his crib for the last time and Mark set to taking it apart.

Mav helped take apart the crib and as soon as everything was reassembled, he hopped right up on the bed. Biggest grin on his face too! We talked about how he was a big boy and big boys get to sleep in beds so he was pretty excited to try it out.

The first few nights we had a few incidents where he fell out of bed but we were prepared. We put a bunch of pillows next to the bed so at least that padded his fall. Once he was back in bed, he went right back to sleep. Surprisingly, it took him several days to get out of bed on his own for the first time. It's happened a few times since (usually after he wakes up from his nap) but usually he knows his bottom better stay in that bed until we come to get him. We leave several books at the end of his bed and he has a million stuffed animals so he has plenty of entertainment if he wakes up early.

Honestly, the transition has been much smoother than I thought it would be. Turns out he was ready for it *tears* even if mama wasn't! It's so fun to walk into his room in the morning to see him sitting patiently on his bed reading a book, greeted by a "morning mom mom!" It has also helped me be able to put him to bed still because my belly was making it pretty hard to get him in and out of the crib! This transition has also made it possible for us to start nap time/night time potty training. We are ready to have him out of diapers for naps but I'm hesitant to even mess with night time yet haha. I'm enjoying my sleep while I can!

I cannot believe our baby is grown into a little boy big enough for a bed. Watching him grow melts my heart and breaks it all at once!

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