Apr 5, 2017

16 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 16 weeks 
Total weight gain: Nothing so far although I'm hoping to have gained back at least the two pounds I lost by my next appointment.
Maternity clothes? Mostly just the bella band for my pants and a few maternity tshirts since I'm trying to avoid stretching out all of my clothes!
Sleep: Real weird. The strange but vivid dreams have started! At least once in both pregnancies I've woken up absolutely pissed at my husband because I dreamt he did something really bad. It takes me like half of that day to shake off the feeling that it wasn't real. Crazy pregnancy dreams!
Best moment this week:  Finding out that we are having another BOY! We were 100% surprised as we truly felt the baby was a girl. All the wives tales except one pointed to girl. We found out the night before my birthday after our ultrasound. We found out "live" with our friends and family by using Facebook live to open the surprise box. It definitely took the rest of the night to sink in because we hadn't been picturing what it would be like to have two boys. By the time I woke up on my birthday everything had sunk in and I was ecstatic about having another son!
Worst Moment this week: So. Much. Rain. We've been craving outdoor time but the weather has just been too cold and rainy for it this week. It's hard to want to leave the house (but so necessary for our sanity) when it's downpouring. Also, the drivers side window on the van broke so that's going to be a real pain in the butt as the weather gets nicer.
Miss Anything? Water and coffee. Oh, and being able to have a glass of wine at the end of the night when my child has been a terror all day!
Cravings: Bread. Holy moly, all things bread are on my mind right now. Coffee, I'm still working on finding something I can drink but I'm determined because coffee gets me through the day haha.
Symptoms: Vivid dreams, going to the bathroom a lot because little man is snuggled up to my bladder and placenta according to the ultrasound, lower belly is feeling heavy and sore by the end of the day, skin is starting to get itchy.
Looking forward to: Daydreaming about my little boy and what it will be like to have two sons back-to-back! I can't wait to pull out all the clothes we kept from Mav but I'm holding off as long as possible. 

I had to include this one because my little photo bomber is the cutest! He's obsessed with giving thumbs up because he finally has mastered it haha.

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