Apr 27, 2017

20 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 20 weeks + 6 days
Total weight gain: About 5 pounds
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity pants with a handful of shirts sprinkled in too as I start packing away things that don't fit. My awesome (and generous) aunt took me shopping for maternity clothes the other day so I actually have pants that are comfortable all day long. I avoided maternity clothes as much as I could last pregnancy but I've fully given into their comfort this time around!
Sleep: Still having some pretty strange dreams. Also, my feet are already hot (when I'm not pregnant my feet are always cold) so this is problematic when I sleep because I have to be covered up to sleep.       
Best moment this week:  Technically it was a day before 20 weeks but we had out anatomy scan and baby Goose was looking cute as ever! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing his sweet little face up on that screen. He was stretched out so we got a few really good profile shots and then he rolled over so we actually got everything we needed. He is also most definitely still a boy!
Worst Moment this week: I forgot to take my meds one night and spent the whole next day sick. Though the morning sickness has dwindled down to barely there, if I don't take my meds before bed every night, I pay for it the next day. I also picked up a cold which is never fun when you're pregnant.
Miss Anything? Being able to sit or lay with my legs up to my chest. I am pretty flexible so I'm used to sitting or laying however I want. This belly is starting to block me into just a few positions.
Cravings: Chocolate long johns! Most overly sweet stuff still grosses me out but I made Mark stop after church so I could get a chocolate long john because I HAD to have one.   
Symptoms: Easily over do it which results in braxton hicks or some pain in my lower abdomen. Rest and water usually take those away quickly. Goose is on the move all over lately and because he's finally getting big, his movements are very obvious from the outside now! Super fun but can also be painful at times haha.
Looking forward to: The weather warming up again so we can get outside. We've gotten used to having the windows open so we can't wait to have the fresh air again next week! 

Apr 26, 2017

Sensing Change

Lately I've been noticing Maverick wants to be near me more than ever. He's constantly climbing up into my lap to snuggle and he's not the snuggly type. He runs up and grabs my hand saying "come Mom Mom" and dragging me to wherever he's playing. He comes up and gives me hugs out of the blue or says "love you Mom Mom!" We talk about baby bro all day long and he sees my belly growing but I honestly wonder how much he senses the change that's coming. We are trying to enjoy our "alone time" before we add another little to the crew! Maverick is so independent but I want to cherish these last few months of just mama and Mav time because I know it will never be the same again. 

When were pregnant with your second child, how did your first sense the change that was coming? What did you do to prepare them besides talking about the baby?

Apr 20, 2017

Easter 2017

Oops. I forgot all about posting until today! We had such a hectic (and extra long) weekend traveling for Easter and I feel like I'm just now getting our week back to normal. Just to turn around and travel again this weekend! I'm going to let our pictures do the talking :)

Apr 12, 2017

18 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 18 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain: Up 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Finally gaining weight!
Maternity clothes?  Mostly just the bella band on my pants and a few tshirts. Still trying to stretch my wardrobe until at least late Spring when the weather is warmer and I can buy a few tank tops. I've gotten a few things that were non-maternity and sized up so that's expanding my wardrobe too. Keeping my eyes out for more comfy dresses and another pair of maternity shorts, then I should be set!
Sleep: Rough at this point. I've been having a hard time falling asleep lately even though we've been in bed fairly early.
Best moment this week: Having weather in the seventies all weekend and actually being able to get out and enjoy it with my family!
Worst Moment this week: Just the random insomnia that's hit lately. I'm usually fine the next morning but by mid-afternoon I'm dragging hard.
Miss Anything? Honestly, nothing that I can think of. It's been a good week!
Cravings:  Peanut M&M's which is funny because I still can't eat most sweet things without souring my stomach. 
Symptoms:  Insomnia and being overly-sensitive to silly things that shouldn't upset me but did.
Looking forward to: Our anatomy ultrasound next week. So far Goose has been checking out perfectly but you always kind of hold your breath until this ultrasound to get the all-clear. Plus it's just mind-blowing to see our sweet babe moving all over!

Apr 11, 2017

Hour By Hour

I started a weekly self-portrait photo project at the beginning of this year. I did really well the first few weeks but then pregnancy and life distracted me and I sort of slacked off. I lost inspiration and couldn't decide what I wanted to capture. So I decided to do an hourly photo challenge to capture an ordinary day in our lives and push myself to photograph it in different ways. With the exception of one picture, I got myself into every single photo throughout the day. This post will be awesome to look back on in the future as a true glimpse into what our life was like at this time. Soon our schedule will change as we spend more time outside. Once the baby is here, life will be totally different! I'm thinking I may try to do this every 6 months or so (if I can remember haha) to keep track of how we spent our days in each stage of life.

7 AM
Laying in bed checking social media on my phone before I crawl out of bed for the day. I usually have the monitor turned on at this point so I can see when Mav wakes up.

 8 AM
My sunshine <3 Every day when I walk into his room to get him out of bed he says "morning mom mom!" and gives me a huge smile. I never want to forget that!

 9 AM
I usually eat breakfast with Mav and then get ready and clean up while he watches cartoons. I've been trying to get back into the habit of making the bed. Most days I fail haha.

 10 AM
We're working on teaching Mav to dress himself but he still needs some help at this point. After he finishes his breakfast and cartoons, he gets dressed for the day.

If we're leaving the house I usually try to tame his wild mane with some hair gel. He does pretty well about letting me do his hair but sometimes I have to make funny faces to distract him long enough to finish.

11 AM
Out running errands. This time it was Hobby Lobby but usually it's Target ;) 

12 PM
Mav took me on a lunch date to Chik Fil A! I try to have lunch dates with him at least once a month where we go in, sit down with our food and talk, I show him how to use his manners, how to be a gentleman on a date. It's fun for me and it's also a great teaching moment! 

 1 PM
Nap time hustle. Some days I nap while he naps but usually I rest for half an hour then start checking things off my to-do list. This time it was editing some photos and listening to a podcast.

 2 PM
Someone woke up extra early from his nap and was crying pretty hard. We snuggled and danced until he cheered up. Normally he hangs out in his bed reading books until nap time is over. Every once in awhile, I'll get him up right away and we snuggle.

3 PM
We usually hang out and eat snacks while playing, migrating from room to room for the next hour or so.

 4 PM
Mark was home early and Gage needed a haircut so obviously we had to pile around to hang out. Life with a toddler, being crawled all over.

 5 PM
Making supper and as usual, I have lots of little feet to trip over.

 6 PM
We normally don't eat sitting this close together but we are all in the living room. We don't have anywhere for our kitchen table so we eat pretty much every meal sitting on the couch. There are lots of shenanigans that go on during supper time!

 7 PM
Getting some last minute snuggles during "quiet time" before bed. He hits peak energy just before bed so usually we try to encourage him to snuggle with us to avoid getting all riled up again.

 8 PM
The last part of our bedtime routine is saying Mav's bedtime prayer. He's usually antsy through the whole thing but he folds his little hands and stays quiet until he shouts "AMEN!" when I'm done. :)

 9 PM
Most nights end with us snuggling on the couch watching whatever Netflix series we are finishing.

 10 PM
Snuggled up in bed with my pregnancy pillow, winding down for the night. We're usually in bed between 10-10:30 but I haven't been falling asleep until much later lately.

Apr 5, 2017

16 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 16 weeks 
Total weight gain: Nothing so far although I'm hoping to have gained back at least the two pounds I lost by my next appointment.
Maternity clothes? Mostly just the bella band for my pants and a few maternity tshirts since I'm trying to avoid stretching out all of my clothes!
Sleep: Real weird. The strange but vivid dreams have started! At least once in both pregnancies I've woken up absolutely pissed at my husband because I dreamt he did something really bad. It takes me like half of that day to shake off the feeling that it wasn't real. Crazy pregnancy dreams!
Best moment this week:  Finding out that we are having another BOY! We were 100% surprised as we truly felt the baby was a girl. All the wives tales except one pointed to girl. We found out the night before my birthday after our ultrasound. We found out "live" with our friends and family by using Facebook live to open the surprise box. It definitely took the rest of the night to sink in because we hadn't been picturing what it would be like to have two boys. By the time I woke up on my birthday everything had sunk in and I was ecstatic about having another son!
Worst Moment this week: So. Much. Rain. We've been craving outdoor time but the weather has just been too cold and rainy for it this week. It's hard to want to leave the house (but so necessary for our sanity) when it's downpouring. Also, the drivers side window on the van broke so that's going to be a real pain in the butt as the weather gets nicer.
Miss Anything? Water and coffee. Oh, and being able to have a glass of wine at the end of the night when my child has been a terror all day!
Cravings: Bread. Holy moly, all things bread are on my mind right now. Coffee, I'm still working on finding something I can drink but I'm determined because coffee gets me through the day haha.
Symptoms: Vivid dreams, going to the bathroom a lot because little man is snuggled up to my bladder and placenta according to the ultrasound, lower belly is feeling heavy and sore by the end of the day, skin is starting to get itchy.
Looking forward to: Daydreaming about my little boy and what it will be like to have two sons back-to-back! I can't wait to pull out all the clothes we kept from Mav but I'm holding off as long as possible. 

I had to include this one because my little photo bomber is the cutest! He's obsessed with giving thumbs up because he finally has mastered it haha.

Apr 4, 2017

Big Boy Bed

We (I) were really hoping to put off this transition as long as possible. We enjoy our morning sleep and we didn't want that interrupted by a toddler jumping on our heads. By eighteen months we thought we were in trouble because that was the first time we caught Mav trying to climb out of his crib. There's no way he'll make it until two we thought!

Well his second birthday birthday rolled around and we were surprised he had yet to climb out of the crib. Try as he might, he just never did it. We didn't want him to fall out and with a potential move this Summer and baby in the Fall, we figured it was time to take the plunge. Thankfully his crib transitions to a toddler bed so we didn't have to buy him a whole new bed yet. I snapped a few photos of him in his crib for the last time and Mark set to taking it apart.

Mav helped take apart the crib and as soon as everything was reassembled, he hopped right up on the bed. Biggest grin on his face too! We talked about how he was a big boy and big boys get to sleep in beds so he was pretty excited to try it out.

The first few nights we had a few incidents where he fell out of bed but we were prepared. We put a bunch of pillows next to the bed so at least that padded his fall. Once he was back in bed, he went right back to sleep. Surprisingly, it took him several days to get out of bed on his own for the first time. It's happened a few times since (usually after he wakes up from his nap) but usually he knows his bottom better stay in that bed until we come to get him. We leave several books at the end of his bed and he has a million stuffed animals so he has plenty of entertainment if he wakes up early.

Honestly, the transition has been much smoother than I thought it would be. Turns out he was ready for it *tears* even if mama wasn't! It's so fun to walk into his room in the morning to see him sitting patiently on his bed reading a book, greeted by a "morning mom mom!" It has also helped me be able to put him to bed still because my belly was making it pretty hard to get him in and out of the crib! This transition has also made it possible for us to start nap time/night time potty training. We are ready to have him out of diapers for naps but I'm hesitant to even mess with night time yet haha. I'm enjoying my sleep while I can!

I cannot believe our baby is grown into a little boy big enough for a bed. Watching him grow melts my heart and breaks it all at once!