Mar 23, 2017

Week 14 Bumpdate


How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight gain: I've been struggling to find food and drinks that settle well so unfortunately I'm down 2 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? I've worn some maternity clothes off and on but none were really "necessary" yet. Mostly just a hair tie on my pants and wearing my bella band occasionally. The belly is definitely there though!
Sleep: Naps have been more frequent lately. I also find myself tossing and turning at night but overall feel like I'm getting pretty decent sleep.      
Best moment this week: Technically this was a day before 14 weeks but I had an ultrasound with the high risk doctor and got to see our sweet little Goose again! Baby is growing perfectly healthy and despite technically being high risk, the doctor and midwife are considering this a normal healthy pregnancy! Such a big relief!
Worst Moment this week: Stuck inside due to the snow again. There's not a ton of options to get out during the winter and not spend money so when the weather is crappy, we get stuck at home.
Miss Anything? Broken record here, eating and drinking normally. Not only is the morning sickness making it hard but now I've got heartburn kicking in too for a double whammy.
Cravings:  Chips and salsa or queso. We satisfied that need by going on a family date to one of the local Mexican restaurants!       
Symptoms: Tired, morning sickness, my face is breaking out like crazy, dizziness is a new one this week though I struggled with that during my last pregnancy due to low iron so I'm not surprised.
Looking forward to: Getting outdoors again in the next few days if the weather gets as nice as it's supposed to be! Also, finding out if our sweet little babe is a he or she soon so I'm counting the days until that ultrasound!

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