Mar 22, 2017

Week 12 Bumpdate

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain: Nothing so far.
Maternity clothes? One pair of maternity pants that are still huge but they're comfy because they aren't tight. 
Sleep:  I tossed and turned a lot this week but fell back to sleep quickly. I've been needing a nap again lately!
Best moment this week:  Only having to take my meds around supper instead of twice a day because I was feeling much better.
Worst Moment this week: Barfing this morning because I didn't take my meds at all yesterday. Oops! (Turns out this was actually some sort of stomach bug that I unintentionally passed to a bunch of people over that weekend. When you're dealing with morning sickness, you just assume every time you're sick its from that haha).
Miss Anything? Coffee. It sounds so good but every drink I've tried tastes awful!
Cravings:   Salads and apples! Other fresh fruits too but mostly apples and Chik Fil A's market salad without the cheese.      
Symptoms:  Exhaustion (most likely still recovering from the long weekend) and emotional.
Looking forward to: Celebrating  Mav's second birthday tomorrow and getting another ultrasound next week. Can't believe my first baby is already two!

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