Mar 21, 2017

Week 10 Bumpdate

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain: None, actually down just a little bit from my pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity clothes? I wore a few pieces but they were still pretty big. Mostly just the hair tie on the pants at this point! Though I feel like that's starting to get a little obvious haha.
Sleep: Still good at this point!   
Best moment this week:  Having our first midwife appointment and getting a surprise ultrasound! With Mav, we didn't get an ultrasound until the extra one we paid for at 16 weeks. So SO amazing to see our sweet little one already!
Worst Moment this week: Morning sickness is still pretty strong but I'm also feeling my hunger ramp up so it's a constant battle of trying to find something, anything, to eat that doesn't make me want to gag.
Miss Anything? Still being able to drink things freely. I'm constantly thirsty because I maybe get one pop, one gatorade, one small cup of juice in a day. Because I'm hungry every couple of hours, it's gotten even harder to find time to get something to drink in.
Cravings:  Water, potatoes, ice cream! Fresh fruit!       
Symptoms:  Morning sickness and just plain old exhausted throughout the day though thankfully not sleepy so I've been trying to actually accomplish things during naps.
Looking forward to: Hopefully getting some more energy again so we can get back into a good routine!

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