Mar 23, 2017

Week 14 Bumpdate


How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight gain: I've been struggling to find food and drinks that settle well so unfortunately I'm down 2 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? I've worn some maternity clothes off and on but none were really "necessary" yet. Mostly just a hair tie on my pants and wearing my bella band occasionally. The belly is definitely there though!
Sleep: Naps have been more frequent lately. I also find myself tossing and turning at night but overall feel like I'm getting pretty decent sleep.      
Best moment this week: Technically this was a day before 14 weeks but I had an ultrasound with the high risk doctor and got to see our sweet little Goose again! Baby is growing perfectly healthy and despite technically being high risk, the doctor and midwife are considering this a normal healthy pregnancy! Such a big relief!
Worst Moment this week: Stuck inside due to the snow again. There's not a ton of options to get out during the winter and not spend money so when the weather is crappy, we get stuck at home.
Miss Anything? Broken record here, eating and drinking normally. Not only is the morning sickness making it hard but now I've got heartburn kicking in too for a double whammy.
Cravings:  Chips and salsa or queso. We satisfied that need by going on a family date to one of the local Mexican restaurants!       
Symptoms: Tired, morning sickness, my face is breaking out like crazy, dizziness is a new one this week though I struggled with that during my last pregnancy due to low iron so I'm not surprised.
Looking forward to: Getting outdoors again in the next few days if the weather gets as nice as it's supposed to be! Also, finding out if our sweet little babe is a he or she soon so I'm counting the days until that ultrasound!

Mar 22, 2017

Week 12 Bumpdate

How far along? 12 weeks
Total weight gain: Nothing so far.
Maternity clothes? One pair of maternity pants that are still huge but they're comfy because they aren't tight. 
Sleep:  I tossed and turned a lot this week but fell back to sleep quickly. I've been needing a nap again lately!
Best moment this week:  Only having to take my meds around supper instead of twice a day because I was feeling much better.
Worst Moment this week: Barfing this morning because I didn't take my meds at all yesterday. Oops! (Turns out this was actually some sort of stomach bug that I unintentionally passed to a bunch of people over that weekend. When you're dealing with morning sickness, you just assume every time you're sick its from that haha).
Miss Anything? Coffee. It sounds so good but every drink I've tried tastes awful!
Cravings:   Salads and apples! Other fresh fruits too but mostly apples and Chik Fil A's market salad without the cheese.      
Symptoms:  Exhaustion (most likely still recovering from the long weekend) and emotional.
Looking forward to: Celebrating  Mav's second birthday tomorrow and getting another ultrasound next week. Can't believe my first baby is already two!

Mar 21, 2017

Week 10 Bumpdate

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain: None, actually down just a little bit from my pre-pregnancy weight.
Maternity clothes? I wore a few pieces but they were still pretty big. Mostly just the hair tie on the pants at this point! Though I feel like that's starting to get a little obvious haha.
Sleep: Still good at this point!   
Best moment this week:  Having our first midwife appointment and getting a surprise ultrasound! With Mav, we didn't get an ultrasound until the extra one we paid for at 16 weeks. So SO amazing to see our sweet little one already!
Worst Moment this week: Morning sickness is still pretty strong but I'm also feeling my hunger ramp up so it's a constant battle of trying to find something, anything, to eat that doesn't make me want to gag.
Miss Anything? Still being able to drink things freely. I'm constantly thirsty because I maybe get one pop, one gatorade, one small cup of juice in a day. Because I'm hungry every couple of hours, it's gotten even harder to find time to get something to drink in.
Cravings:  Water, potatoes, ice cream! Fresh fruit!       
Symptoms:  Morning sickness and just plain old exhausted throughout the day though thankfully not sleepy so I've been trying to actually accomplish things during naps.
Looking forward to: Hopefully getting some more energy again so we can get back into a good routine!

Mar 20, 2017

Week 8 Bumpdate

How far along? 8 weeks
Total weight gain: Nothing so far thankfully!
Maternity clothes? Not wearing anything yet but I did pull out all of my regular clothes that I stretched out last pregnancy. I kept a handful of them and it's nice to have some clothes that aren't so tight! I did get a maternity shirt, a maternity dress, and my first pair of maternity pants this weekend though! I think the pants will make their appearance in the next few weeks since mine are getting tight.
Sleep: Good at the moment! I've been sleeping with my bump nest pillow for a few weeks and it's really helped me sleep better. Diffusing lavender and cedarwood also knocks me out cold!
Best moment this week:  Hearing little goose's heartbeat for the first time. I have a home doppler that I bought during my last pregnancy. I knew it was super early but I started checking at 7 weeks and was getting frustrated. I finally heard that sweet thumping heart at 8 weeks and 3 days. Best sound ever!
Worst Moment this week: Hormones are kicking my butt and I've been crying at the drop of a hat. I try to hide the crazy from everyone but man, it's not easy. I know I'm being ridiculous when it happens but I can't stop myself from bawling.
Miss Anything? Coffee and chocolate. Oh, and being able to drink whatever I wanted without making myself even more sick that I already feel. I didn't intentionally give any of those things up, my body is just not tolerating them right now.
Cravings: Chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of ice water. See previous answer to know why that's a problem.
Symptoms:  Morning sickness has appeared again. I'm on meds to help and have some really good days where I feel normal (mainly in the afternoon is when I feel the best). I also have some really bad days where all we do is survive. My face is breaking out pretty bad right now thanks to the hormones. 
Looking forward to: Our first appointment in a few weeks! It always feels like the longest wait since our midwives office doesn't want us to come in until 10-12 weeks. 

Mar 14, 2017

First-Trimester Lifesavers (For Me)

Now that I'm finally out of the first trimester (I never know for sure if it's 13 or 14 weeks that it ends, why does everyone have a different answer?!) I figured I can write about what was helpful this time around. This pregnancy has been quite different from the first! The morning sickness has still been pretty bad but doesn't seem to be as bad in the afternoons. I am having a really hard time finding anything to eat or drink that doesn't make my stomach flip so that has been an extra hard challenge this time! Other than the morning sickness, things have been going smoothly and for that I'm forever grateful! 

So I know everyone has different things that get them through but in early pregnancy I loved to look up these lists and see what worked for everyone else. So here's my list:

Zofran - literally a lifesaver. I think I've come to accept that this is just going to be a norm in my pregnancy. Both times I've started taking it around 7 weeks. Crossing every finger and toe that I get off of it before the end of my pregnancy, unlike last time.

Baked Potatoes - usually with butter and sour cream, this what my go-to when we went out to eat any time during the first trimester. It always settled well and actually sounded good no matter how I felt.

Plain Pasta - this was an easy lunch or supper when whatever I had meal planned for that night sounded disgusting. Either totally plain or sprinkled with just a little bit of parmesan (unless M made it for me :P)

Wintergreen Lifesavers - I bought a huge back of these, likely from Costco, awhile ago and I'm still munching on them. Most sweet things this time around were the absolute worst but the mint in these settled my stomach. I'm still carrying a baggy of these in my purse for when morning sickness swings up.

Bumpnest Pillow - I saved this from the last time and couldn't wait to pull it out! Honestly, I think I was only 6 weeks along when it wandered into our bed. I wasn't getting great sleep and this was the only thing that helped. It's gotten pretty misshapen after I washed it but it's still just as comfy!

Cherry Coke - this is one of the only things I could freely drink during the entire first trimester. Poured over ice and I could practically chug it. Water is almost exclusively off limits and gatorade wasn't much better. Though cherry coke has started to lose it's place on the good list, it still works in a pinch.

Essential Oils - these helped ward off the nausea before it kicked in extra hard. It also has helped on the days where Zofran didn't fully knock out my sickness and I needed a little extra boost. I diffused some uplifting scents when I was feeling down and used thieves daily to help ward off the flu or any other crud going around.

Netflix - for the days when I just couldn't get out of bed or off the couch. My child got to watch waaaaaay too much Netflix during this time but it helped keep me sane so it was a necessary evil. I feel not one bit of guilt about it ;)

Chik Fil A - first it was the waffle fries, then the spicy chicken sandwich, followed by the grilled market salad. The stomach gets what the stomach wants when you can't keep anything else down! Just take all my moneys Chik Fil A!

Ice - this one is so funny to me. I always laughed when I heard about pregnant women eating ice because it just sounded so silly to me. This time around, gimme all the ice. Specifically pellet ice or anything thats easy to chew. It tastes fantastic and it's pretty much the only way I'm getting water in my system anymore. No wonder why M&M suddenly wants to steal all the ice from my drinks, it's all he's seen me do lately. I've taken to asking for a separate cup of ice when we go through the drive through now haha.

Popsicles - I think this one sort of goes along with the ice. Good thing I'm having a Summer pregnancy! I've tried to opt for the fruit/fruit juice kind that doesn't have any added sugar. However, Mr Freezies also do the trick!

What helped you get through the first trimester?