Feb 1, 2017

Currently in Hansonland

Linking up with Anne and her co-host Erin for the February edition of currently! I delayed my Tuesday post so I could join in :)

packing - well if I'm being honest, I'm not really packing anything at the moment. I have a huge pile of clothes that needs to get packed up for donation though so maybe I'll get that accomplished this weekend!

jonesing - for chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of ice water! I've been wanting to make cookies for the last week but needed to buy some butter. I finally got some and now I don't have the motivation to make the cookies haha.

texting - my husband because I like to talk with him throughout the day. I'm a worrier so if I go all day without hearing from him, I start to worry something happened to him. Silly but I can't help it!

reading - too many books at once. I have a bad habit of starting multiple books and then never finishing them! Grace, Not Perfection is on that I've had my eye on lately so I need to head to the library and check it out! 

hearting - the warmer weather we've had lately. By warm I mean 40's. Not really warm enough to play outside (everything is muddy mush right now anyway) but nice enough to wear a jacket instead of a huge winter coat which I hate wearing. I'm desperately hoping we have an early Spring so we can go to the park again!

We're ready for some puddle jumping days!


  1. I worry about my husband too! I hate when he doesn't respond in a timely manner haha! I'm with you, so ready for spring. Although it was 49 here yesterday and I didn't even wear a jacket to work!

  2. My mom is a worrier - it's all good! Nothing wrong with checking in on people. I'm curious about Grace Not Perfection. A lot of people seem to love it.


  3. Love your sweet pic. It's been in the 70s in Florida lately, so I've been trying to get outdoors as much as possible before it's too sweltering to enjoy it. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I have found myself worrying about my husband if he's later than usual or something. Odds are it's nothing--the next shift came in late or something, but still, the mind always wants to think of the worst and most dangerous options.


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