Jan 3, 2017

New Year, New Word

I've picked a word to live my year by in the past but this year I put a lot more thought into it. I'm not always huge on resolutions but I think it's fun to pick a word for the year and get creative on living your life by it!

My word for 2017: Intentional.

I find myself looking around at the end of the day and wondering where whole chunks of time went. I get distracted easily and find it hard to just sit and enjoy one task at a time. I want to be intentional about self-care because that's one I still struggle with. I want to be intentional about being present with my family instead of on my phone, I don't want to miss moments like the one above. I want to be intentional about the food we eat and the products we use, there's so much crap we take into our bodies. I want to be intentional about the time I spend on social media. While I'm so grateful for all the people social media has connected me with, it's a huge time waster! I also feel like the more time I spend on it, the worse I feel about myself and the less grateful I feel. Not worth it! I'm going to be intentional about writing on my blog once a week so I can look back at all these memories.

This year I'm going to be more intentional about how I live my life instead of just carelessly wandering through each day. What is your word if you've picked one this year?

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