Jan 20, 2017

My Five on Friday


I'm thankful for my sweet husband who has been picking up the slack around here lately! I've been sick the past week and just not feeling up to doing much of anything. Trying to rest until I'm feeling better so M has been helping with the stuff I normally do, plus generally wearing out the M&M monster at the end of the day. I get naggy with him sometimes but I really do appreciate everything he does to help out, especially after a long day at work!


Netflix has been on pretty much all day lately. I've finally gotten through all of the original Gilmore Girls so I tackled the new episodes over the last few days. I'm kinda disappointed in how they turned out. I can't really point out what it was that I didn't like though. It just didn't flow the way the original did. Now I have to find a new series to get lost in!


Speaking of being stuck inside all day, we are getting cabin fever over here. Not sure if it's because this is our first long winter with a rambunctious toddler or what but this winter feels like it's gone on forevere. I need to be able to go to the park for an hour and let M&M run off his energy. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Hit up the zoo for a few hours. Anything to get out of here and fresh air in our lungs! He's been tearing apart the house and not wanting to sleep which I know is linked to his lack of outdoor play time and fresh air! Spring, please hurry!


I've been working on a self-portrait project this year because I found that I haven't been in many pictures since M&M was born. It's been fun to really think about what I want to capture in these shots. On week 2 I nailed my shot by Monday! It's Friday of week 3 and I've got nothing for this week. Oops! This has definitely pushed me to capture our "everyday" moments which don't seem like much now but when they are past we will surely miss them!


I have about a month to finish planning M&M's 2nd birthday party. Say it isn't so, how can my baby be 2 already?! I'm going to be honest, I get all of these cute ideas in my head that I want to do but birthday parties are just not my thing. Not sure what it is but I definitely don't have the party planning gene! I admire the planning and effort other mamas put into planning their kids parties though. My kids will most likely have simple parties all their lives unless I get some help! Maybe I'll just have to enlist the help of my best friend who's job is literally planning events. Thanks in advance T!

That's all I've got for today so I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are!

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