Jan 5, 2017

Currently In January

After my friend Erin wrote her currently post I thought I'd join in! This link-up is from Anne's blog.

gathering: new recipes! I've been drawing a blank more and more lately while meal planning so I'm looking to find new things to try.

making: my first personal photography project! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

sipping: water from my dollar spot tumbler. I always feel a million times better when I get enough water in and I find having fun cups always gets me to drink more water.

following: Jessica Garvin, dreaming of the day (hopefully) we will have a little girl and I can watch her run around in ALL THE TUTUS like Jessica's sweet girls do.

resolving: get outdoors more once the weather gets higher than freezing again. We all feel so much better when we don't stay cooped up inside all day long!

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  1. Same here on the recipes! Especially after so much time off from cooking over the holidays, I can hardly remember what I used to make for dinner. And I could go for some above freezing weather too... Thanks for joining in!


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