Aug 23, 2017

34 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 34 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain: 24 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Pretty much all I can wear at this point, my belly is so round and so low that nothing else expands far enough.
Sleep: As fine as it can be when you can't physically roll over without lots of sound effects. Pregnancy pillow is a God-send right now.
Best moment this week:  Closing on our house and getting all of our stuff moved in finally! Such a relief after two months of chaos with the move. Also, buying newborn diapers and remembering just how teeny tiny our sweet little Goose is going to be! We got to go on a date for the first time in forever which was just what we needed!
Worst Moment this week: All the chaos and emotions that come along with moving and unpacking. Plus, I wasn't able to really help with any of the painting/fixing up the house or moving stuff which made me feel helpless and left out. 
Miss Anything? Not being stared at in public. No comments but people literally turning around in their seats to look at me, like I wouldn't notice that.
Cravings: Still honey nut cheerios, I swear I could eat a whole box in a day if I wasn't paying attention.
Symptoms: Swelling like WHOA in my feet. Midwife said I need to double my water intake to help with the swelling in all this heat. I struggle to get 60oz down in a day, 120 seems impossible! Braxton hicks quite a bit now too but that probably stems from being overheated and overworking myself.
Looking forward to: Settling in and having everything unpacked!

32 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 32 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain: 21.5 pounds
Maternity clothes? All day, every day. I can still wear some of my regular clothes but what's the point now?
Sleep: Total crap. Insomnia keeping me up anyway on top of Mav not sleeping very well means not much sleep these days.   
Best moment this week:  Lots of naps!
Worst Moment this week: Having a pretty scary moment while driving back from NEIA and I hit severe weather with Mav in the car. Having to pull over at a gas station (that you weren't sure you'd even make it to) to take shelter because the tornado sirens were going off. Thankfully the rest of the drive was uneventful!
Miss Anything? Good sleep and my child sleeping all night. Living in our own space.
Cravings: Cookies and fresh fruit!   
Symptoms: Insomnia seems to be the only thing at this point!
Looking forward to: Closing on our house soon!

30 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 30 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain: 16+ pounds, not sure since I'm in between midwife offices and appointments right now.
Maternity clothes? So comfy! I wish I had more bottoms that I loved but its been so dang hot that I don't have many options.
Sleep: Better than I thought it would be with the move. The house we're staying in is really cool in our room and the bed is comfy so we've all slept pretty great this week.
Best moment this week:  Getting all moved out of our apartment and taking the first step in this big adventure!
Worst Moment this week: Dealing with moving out and all the emotions that came with it. Though we won't miss living in Boone, we will miss the memories we made in that place. It was harder than I expected to leave the place we brought our first baby home.
Miss Anything? The calm of life before all these big changes came into play.
Cravings: Ice and anything cold to drink that I can stomach!        
Symptoms:  Exhaustion but that's probably more moving related than baby related.
Looking forward to: Feeling at home here in Minnesota! Feeling like I know where I'm going or how to find things without GPSing every place I need to go to. Meeting the new midwives and getting my care set up at the birth center.

Aug 22, 2017

29 Week Bumpdate

This is the first bump update that I missed since I was technically supposed to do it at 28 weeks. Oops! Blame it on being just a smidge preoccupied.

How far along? 29 weeks 
Total weight gain: 16 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Hallelujah for maternity clothes! Though a lot of my tank tops are non-maternity too, I've just been sizing up.
Sleep: Not horrible when I get sleep in between packing but not great either since we've been sleeping on an air mattress or the futon.  Our neighbors are super loud out in the hallway so we hear a lot more of that now that we aren't staying in our bedroom anymore.
Best moment this week:  90% of our stuff moved out of the apartment with the help of family!
Worst Moment this week: Spending all of our time packing and cleaning. Moving is stressful so emotions were definitely high on more than one occasion. 
Miss Anything? Doing things unrelated to moving. Cooler weather!
Cravings: Nothing much at this point, moving has me too stressed out.       
Symptoms:  Exhaustion and swelling.
Looking forward to: Being in Minnesota finally and moving on with this new part of our lives!

Jun 20, 2017

The Big Move

The last several months have consisted of lots of uncertainty, stress, and big decision making. We've tried to keep as much of it as possible to ourselves because we wanted to make the best decision for our family based on our own opinions, not what everyone else thought we should do.

Right after Easter, M interviewed for a job up in the twin cities. There were two routes he could go in this particular company. After some confusion and several weeks had passed, it looked like we were going to be staying around the Ames/Des Moines area and he would continue looking for a new job. The end of our lease was coming up quickly (it's done at the end of June) so we needed to make a game plan and stick with it. Then he discussed the other route he could go with this same company and we realized it was actually going to be a much better option for our family. This new route involved M taking a few classes to become certified for this new position, then having a follow-up interview. Oh, and did I mention he had to do all of this before he left for his annual training on June 1st?!

So he took the first of two classes and had his follow-up interview which went very well! They offered him the position, which he accepted, then almost immediately had to leave for two weeks of AT. That left me packing up and deep cleaning our apartment, traveling back and forth to look for housing 3 hours away in the Twin Cities, taking care of our toddler, and trying to take care of myself. With midwife appointments and ultrasounds and blood tests thrown in the mix. To say the last few weeks have been hectic is a giant understatement! Now that the decision to move had been made official, we had to decide whether buying a house was an option for us or if we would have to rent for a year before we could make it happen.

Lots of long distance house hunting (which is hard enough in itself but then to have your husband in a different location too made it twice as hard) with the help of family and an awesome realtor led us to putting in an offer on a house. We prayed that if this was meant to be our house then it would happen and if not, that it would fall through immediately. Well, after some shady business happened, we were outbid on that house. It wasn't meant to be! I drove back to our apartment to continue packing while we did some more long distance house hunting. We were still back and forth on whether we should rent throughout this whole process. Later that week we found another house that needed some minor updates but mostly just cosmetic stuff to make it more our style. We put in an offer on this house and early the next morning we found out that they accepted our offer!! All of this chaos happened while M was still gone for AT. He came home Wednesday night and by Friday we were headed up to see our home for the very first time! We had the inspection done while we were there Friday. We tried to make some decisions on a few things that needed to be done before we moved in too.

So, pending everything goes smoothly over the next month, we will be moved into our new house, M will be starting his new job, and we will be getting settled in just in time to welcome our second little monkey to the family! We would so appreciate all prayers and positive thoughts you would send our way because the next few months still have quite a bit of uncertainty as we wait for things to be finalized. We are ready to be settled down in our new home state of Minnesota!

Relaxing during the house hunt.
So much time on the road is exhausting!

We drove an extra hour out of the cities before we headed home to see M during his AT. This isn't something we'd normally get to do but I'm so happy it worked out for us to see him for just a little bit!

Boxes are starting to take over.

Boxes cost how much?!

Before entering our house for the first time ever! Praying for no surprises and smooth sailing until closing!

Jun 10, 2017

26 Week Bumpdate

How far along?
  26 weeks + 6 days

Total weight gain: 13lbs

Maternity clothes? Hells yes. My stockpile is slowly growing as I find myself not fitting into my regular clothes or not wanting to stretch them out. Also, how did I live without maternity pants last time? As my little man grows and continues to hang out super low, I'm not sure how I'd even be able to wear shorts or pants if they didn't have the belly panel because even with my bella band my normal pants and shorts cut off a good portion of my belly. The positive to buying maternity clothes is that we've been gifted a lot of high quality maternity clothes so I will be hanging onto them for at least the next pregnancy or longer!

Sleep:  Oh hey insomnia, you're an unwelcome guest. I'm positive my crappy sleep lately is directly correlated with the amount of traveling we've done and stress we've been under lately. Either it takes my brain forever to calm down and fall asleep or I wake up sometime after 2am and it takes me an hour or more to fall back to sleep. Hoping some yoga at night and lavender/cedarwood oil will help me!       

Best moment this week: Getting to see M after a week (even if it was only for a little bit) and actually getting to do some house hunting in person instead of just online!

Worst Moment this week: All. the. traveling. and not getting the house we put an offer on because of a really crappy reason. Apparently it wasn't meant to be but house hunting from long distance is really hard!

Miss Anything? Lots of things but most can't be talked about on the internet right now. Mostly I just miss the feeling of not being stressed, though this current stress is for a good reason.

Cravings: Pasta! Holy moly, I've been wanting pasta pretty much every day this week. I've been trying to hold off the last few days though since my glucose test was today and pasta/bread can make my blood sugar spike. Also, iced coffee!

Symptoms:  Insomnia and Braxton hicks like crazy. Stress related so I've been trying to drink more water and relax at night to help! Also, crying a lot but that's also stress related haha.

Looking forward to: Getting a chance to clean and pack on Saturday without wrangling a toddler thanks to my brother and sister-in-law! Also, waiting for the next week to be over with!

Jun 9, 2017

Currently in June at the Hanson House

I thought I'd jump in on the Currently link-up with my friend Erin and Anne, since things have been hectic and I've been absent around here lately!

Planning: our move to Minnesota! The packing, the house hunting, the transferring to new doctors and midwives, the address changes. My mind is mush this pregnancy but add in all the other things that need to be planned and I swear I'm constantly scribbling in my planner or sending myself texts so I don't forget any of it.

Wishing: for a vacation and a way to lay on my belly at the pool for a day! So much stress, the good kind, has me wishing for a week away with my hubby! Laying by the pool and just reading a book all day. I burned the front side of myself over Memorial weekend so now its so much more tan than the rest of me! I'd love to find a comfortable way to just lay on my belly in the sun to even it out a bit haha.

Learning: to take the help when it's offered. Trying to deep clean our apartment after 2+ years, throw out and donate all the stuff we don't need or don't want to bring with us, and trying to pack by myself while chasing a toddler is more than my 7 month pregnant body can handle most days. We've had family and friends offer to help in any way they can! Normally I'd try to do it all myself but I'm taking my brother and SIL up on their offer to babysit tomorrow so I can knock a bunch of it out at once!

Browsing: Pinterest for all things house related! Though we're trying to buy a house, the housing market is INSANE right now. Houses are selling left and right before we even have a chance to see them in person. So we may end up renting for a little bit longer until we can find a house we love. Either way, I'm finally going to put in the effort to decorate our new place instead of hodge-podging the stuff we've collected over the years! It's fun to dream about what our new place will look like :)

Going: Hopefully nowhere for a little while! The last two weeks have been insanely full of travel. We went on a long Memorial Weekend camping trip with our high school friends back home, came home for a few days, then back to our hometown again for an awesome market that happens twice a year. Then up to the cities to house hunt for a few days before finally making it back to our place again on Tuesday night. My body let me know how unhappy it was after all that! We're trying to stick around our place as much as possible over the next week and I'm looking forward to it!

Jun 7, 2017

24 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 24 weeks + 5 days
Total weight gain: 10 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes! Maternity clothes are like heaven, I'm not constantly readjusting to make sure my belly is covered. 
Sleep:  Good as long as my eldest doesn't wake up crying from nightmares.  
Best moment this week:  Technically this was during week 23 but we got to see Goose's face during our 3D/5D ultrasound and it was the coolest thing ever! He looks just like Maverick! Getting to enjoy time outdoors was also a highlight. 
Worst Moment this week: Having to get up super early to drive back towards our hometown because M had a work thing halfway back that started at  8 am. No bueno, especially when Gage knocked my coffee out of the car and spilled it everywhere at 6am.
Miss Anything? Not having to try clothes on to make sure they fit before deciding what to wear.
Cravings: Ice cream and blueberry pancakes!  
Symptoms:  Still morning sickness. I tried to wean off my meds for about 4 days and gave up because I wound up puking when I didn't take them. Frustrating but it's easily controlled by my meds and I only have to take it at night now so not a big deal. 
Looking forward to: Memorial weekend camping with our high school friends that we haven't been able to spend much time with lately! Plus we are kid free for the whole weekend and that hasn't happened in forever!

May 18, 2017

Summer in the Springtime

This weather lately has been unpredictable! It was cool and then bounced up to 90+ this week. Severe storms left and right. Now it's only in the low 60's and it sounds like it will be that way all weekend. I'm so glad we set up the pool the other afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine while it was around! It certainly felt like Summer but honestly the weather this weekend is more Spring-like. Hopefully next weekend is nicer!

May 11, 2017

22 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 22 weeks + 6 days
Total weight gain: 10 lbs --- I swear I go through spurts where I don't gain weight for two weeks and then the next two weeks I gain a bunch of weight. Baby growth spurt? I mean, he is over a pound now so I can blame it on that, right?! ;)
Maternity clothes? Off and on. I'm still mixing in a few of my non-maternity tops and sweatshirts when they fit. I also wore my favorite pair of non-maternity shorts with just a hair tie the other day and they still fit great. I'm on the lookout for a shorter maternity bodycon dress and 1-2 more pairs of maternity shorts to get through the Summer but I'm pretty much set on everything else!
Sleep: Having some weeeeeeeird dreams this week. Probably has to do with my stress level lately. Also, I'm positive I shake the whole bed when I roll over at night because it's a process to get from one side to the other haha.
Best moment this week: Having a little picnic in the park. It was GORGEOUS out on Sunday night so Mav and I grabbed some dairy queen and headed to a park. We set up our blanket and enjoyed the sun! Then Mark got home from drill and hung out with us for a bit before we all headed home. I have SO missed being able to enjoy the outdoors on a consistent basis. I think the awesome weather is finally here to stay!
Worst Moment this week: Getting a really bad back ache coupled with braxton hicks from over doing it on Friday and Saturday. The random nosebleed I got the other night was not fun either. Also, toddler tornado is in full testing force this week!
Miss Anything? Being able to sit up without having to roll to my side first. WINE. Not having stress overload.
Cravings: Granny smith apples, ice cream, mexican food. Fresh fruit! Water!
Symptoms: Hot feet (peppermint oil and AC to the rescue), still morning sickness so I've been unsuccessful in weaning off that once-a-day Zofran, weird dreams. Extra hungry even though nothing sounds good which is probably why my weight gain jumped up.
Looking forward to: Having our make-up 3D ultrasound next week. Can't wait to see baby boy's face in 3D and see how much he's grown since our 16 week ultrasound. Forever in awe of watching little babes in the womb!

May 9, 2017

Photo Dump

My mind is mush right now with about a million different fires I've got to put out in the next few months. Since I didn't have anything planned for today's post, I'm just going to do a photo dump from the last few weeks!

When daddy had to help Mav get down for a nap but then he caught me snapping a picture haha.

Life is messy and stressful right now, obviously my look reflected that.

Mama and Mav frozen yogurt date.

I can't get over his outfit or how much fun he has trying to figure the drinking fountain out.

He's been climbing up in my lap a lot lately to snuggle.

I used to think I looked dumb in hats but now they just make me feel extra close to my Aunt Barb <3

Squirrel huntin' in the park...his idea obviously.

Lopsided belly after a walk.

He put on his sunglasses without me even realizing it. He's so darn cute!

That watermelon in my belly is growing.

When you really want ice cream but you also don't want your weight to explode.

Grilling season is upon us.

Sweet little Goose before my midwife appointment today.

Anyone else's kid think it's funny to try and kick them on the swings?

May 2, 2017

Sacrificing For Community

I recently started a 7 day devotional about surrounding yourself with godly people to build a strong community of support. Today's devotional talked about how we must make sacrifices in our own lives to prioritize the important relationships in our lives. This is something I've struggled with over the years as I went from college student to wife to wife + new mom in a very short period of time. Most of my friends weren't or still aren't in "that" stage of life yet as I was going through those big changes. Even though I had a few friends who stuck by me through all of that change, it was hard feeling like I didn't have any friends who "got it." There have been so many times where I felt like a friend wasn't checking in with me or didn't care to know what was going on in our lives unless I reached out to them first, and that really hurt.

I've finally started to find some mom friends who I really get along with. Over the last two years, I've built these friendships and I don't feel so alone. Yet I still crave to build a bigger tribe of friends who become family. Friends we can go on double dates with. Friends who we babysit swap with. Friends to have over for a barbecue and don't feel like we have to "entertain." Friends who know you inside and out.

It's so easy to get into the mindset of "well if they care about my life, they'll reach out to me first." To some extent, yes, the check-ins and invitations to hang out should go both ways. Everyone is busy with their own lives but sometimes there are things behind the scene that are more distracting to our friends than we will ever realize. We all have good intentions to stay in touch but sometimes good intentions just aren't enough. I've let numerous friendships fall to the wayside over the last two years because I was heartbroken that they didn't keep up with my life the way I felt they should. But did I speak up and let them know I was feeling hurt? Nope. I didn't, which makes me just as much of the problem as them.

So from now on, I'm going to work on pouring extra love into those relationships that I feel are lacking. Show them all the love and grace I'd want in return BUT without any expectations. For all I know, those same people might be feeling the exact same way about me! The world needs more love on a daily basis! The only way to build my friend-family is to extend God's love to everyone who is important to me. I need to work on that before I ever judge someone for being "too busy."

Apr 27, 2017

20 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 20 weeks + 6 days
Total weight gain: About 5 pounds
Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity pants with a handful of shirts sprinkled in too as I start packing away things that don't fit. My awesome (and generous) aunt took me shopping for maternity clothes the other day so I actually have pants that are comfortable all day long. I avoided maternity clothes as much as I could last pregnancy but I've fully given into their comfort this time around!
Sleep: Still having some pretty strange dreams. Also, my feet are already hot (when I'm not pregnant my feet are always cold) so this is problematic when I sleep because I have to be covered up to sleep.       
Best moment this week:  Technically it was a day before 20 weeks but we had out anatomy scan and baby Goose was looking cute as ever! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing his sweet little face up on that screen. He was stretched out so we got a few really good profile shots and then he rolled over so we actually got everything we needed. He is also most definitely still a boy!
Worst Moment this week: I forgot to take my meds one night and spent the whole next day sick. Though the morning sickness has dwindled down to barely there, if I don't take my meds before bed every night, I pay for it the next day. I also picked up a cold which is never fun when you're pregnant.
Miss Anything? Being able to sit or lay with my legs up to my chest. I am pretty flexible so I'm used to sitting or laying however I want. This belly is starting to block me into just a few positions.
Cravings: Chocolate long johns! Most overly sweet stuff still grosses me out but I made Mark stop after church so I could get a chocolate long john because I HAD to have one.   
Symptoms: Easily over do it which results in braxton hicks or some pain in my lower abdomen. Rest and water usually take those away quickly. Goose is on the move all over lately and because he's finally getting big, his movements are very obvious from the outside now! Super fun but can also be painful at times haha.
Looking forward to: The weather warming up again so we can get outside. We've gotten used to having the windows open so we can't wait to have the fresh air again next week! 

Apr 26, 2017

Sensing Change

Lately I've been noticing Maverick wants to be near me more than ever. He's constantly climbing up into my lap to snuggle and he's not the snuggly type. He runs up and grabs my hand saying "come Mom Mom" and dragging me to wherever he's playing. He comes up and gives me hugs out of the blue or says "love you Mom Mom!" We talk about baby bro all day long and he sees my belly growing but I honestly wonder how much he senses the change that's coming. We are trying to enjoy our "alone time" before we add another little to the crew! Maverick is so independent but I want to cherish these last few months of just mama and Mav time because I know it will never be the same again. 

When were pregnant with your second child, how did your first sense the change that was coming? What did you do to prepare them besides talking about the baby?

Apr 20, 2017

Easter 2017

Oops. I forgot all about posting until today! We had such a hectic (and extra long) weekend traveling for Easter and I feel like I'm just now getting our week back to normal. Just to turn around and travel again this weekend! I'm going to let our pictures do the talking :)

Apr 12, 2017

18 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 18 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain: Up 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Finally gaining weight!
Maternity clothes?  Mostly just the bella band on my pants and a few tshirts. Still trying to stretch my wardrobe until at least late Spring when the weather is warmer and I can buy a few tank tops. I've gotten a few things that were non-maternity and sized up so that's expanding my wardrobe too. Keeping my eyes out for more comfy dresses and another pair of maternity shorts, then I should be set!
Sleep: Rough at this point. I've been having a hard time falling asleep lately even though we've been in bed fairly early.
Best moment this week: Having weather in the seventies all weekend and actually being able to get out and enjoy it with my family!
Worst Moment this week: Just the random insomnia that's hit lately. I'm usually fine the next morning but by mid-afternoon I'm dragging hard.
Miss Anything? Honestly, nothing that I can think of. It's been a good week!
Cravings:  Peanut M&M's which is funny because I still can't eat most sweet things without souring my stomach. 
Symptoms:  Insomnia and being overly-sensitive to silly things that shouldn't upset me but did.
Looking forward to: Our anatomy ultrasound next week. So far Goose has been checking out perfectly but you always kind of hold your breath until this ultrasound to get the all-clear. Plus it's just mind-blowing to see our sweet babe moving all over!