Dec 2, 2016

We attempted to potty train our 1.5 year old..

..and we've had great success! We started in early October (he was 19 months at the time) after M came home from Germany. Technically we tried in June but I had to have surgery right after we started so we decided to postpone the whole thing. I was hesitant to tell anyone we potty trained him because we didn't want to hear any negative comments. Most people were just surprised but after seeing how well he did, they were positive about it!

I read the Oh Crap! Potty Training Method but we used rewards even though the book didn't recommend them. Mav is motivated by his sweet tooth, like me, so M&M's have worked as the perfect reward for him! He's still in his crib for sleep so he stays in a diaper for naps and nighttime but he's 100% diaperless when he's awake now. We've had many sprints to the bathroom at home and in public which usually makes him giggle. I've even had to ditch our shopping cart a few times to get him there in time! Long roadtrips are interesting too. If we know he's likely to fall asleep then we put him in a diaper but we also stop and take him to the bathroom if he's awake! 

I'm super proud of Mav! Potty training him early worked for us and made the process fairly easy. I know most people wait for a variety of reasons though! I think as long as you do what's right for your family, that's all that matters. 

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