Dec 16, 2016

Sledding Days

Though it technically wasn't the first solid snowfall of the winter, it was the first time we were home when it piled up the other day. We got quite a bit of snow but most of it blew away or melted before we got a chance to play in it.

The ratio of time spent bundling up a potty trained toddler (including a bathroom break) as well as ourselves to the amount of time we actually spent playing outside was out of whack. We did it anyway because this kid spent two full days pushing his sled around the house and sitting in it before we went out. By the time he was all bundled up, I'm surprised he could even walk. We're set to get a bunch more snow this weekend so maybe we will get a chance to head out again in the next few days!

Yes, that flying white spot is a snowball he chucked at my camera. We can thank his daddy for encouraging that one haha.

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