Dec 12, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree

Last year we started a new tradition of going to a local tree farm to find our Christmas tree. We snuck in right before they closed on a windy, cold day. Turns out that is just as much a part of the tradition as getting the tree!

This year it was cold, windy, and even flurrying a bit. We made it just before dark! We went back to where we found our favorite tree last year. I wanted a smaller, skinnier tree. M wanted a tall, fluffy tree. We compromised but I'd say he won because the tree is 7' and rounder than our tree was last year haha.

M&M runs to the tree daily yelling "oh wow!" He loves to admire all the ornaments and yank the garland off. He also thinks it's pretty hilarious that his elf Cocoa hangs out there from time to time ;) We told him Santa wouldn't come if he yanked on the tree and so far that has worked for him. It also helps that our living room is tiny so the tree is mostly tucked away behind the furniture.

I love the way our tree lights up the room and brings joy to all our faces! We haven't started many Christmas traditions yet but I think this one will always be my favorite! What's your favorite holiday tradition?

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