Dec 19, 2016

Current Toddler Food Favorites

M&M has been a champ eater from first day he tried solid foods. We started with Baby Led Weaning right around 6 months. He's literally eaten exactly what we've had on our plates since then. It was (and still is) pretty rare for us to make something separately for him. We were always blown away by the foods he could eat with no teeth!

Then he hit one and his eating slowed down. Then the older he got, the more he realized he could say no and not eat what was on his plate. Typical toddler. I won't lie, there are some days he still eats like a cow though! We thought we might skip past the picky toddler stage since he ate so well as a baby but we weren't that lucky. I'm pretty happy if he eats one really solid meal a day plus a little at the other meals. We've always maintained the rule that he eats what we eat and he's welcome to not eat it as long as he tries a bite of everything we give him. He just doesn't get a separate meal made if he doesn't eat it. Some days he only eats a few bites and that's it. He's jumped way up on the growth scales from where he was his whole first year so I'm not concerned one bit when he doesn't eat much.

His favorite foods change pretty frequently so I really like to keep track of what his favorites are just to look back on. I thought I'd share here just in case anyone else is looking for things to try with their picky toddler. I've spent many days looking for toddler meal ideas on Pinterest and always found these posts helpful!

  • Apples - doesn't matter if they're chopped into slices or if he just grabs a whole apple to chew on. He will run to the fridge if it's unlocked and grab an apple for himself, then close the door.  We always buy honeycrisp unless they don't have them in the store. He generally eats it down to a tiny piece that's just core and seeds!
  • Goldfish Crackers - he goes back and forth on these but they're usually a solid choice for a side in meals or part of a snack. I've discovered he likes the minis better for some reason.
  • Yogurt - literally any kind of yogurt! He loves plain greek yogurt with fruit, flavored greek yogurt pouches (Chobani), or just flavored yogurt tubs (Annie's). I prefer the pouches because he tends to make the least mess with those!
  • Chicken - in any form. Lately he's been loving shredded garlic chicken and baked rotisserie seasoned chicken. I can't remember a time where he was hungry and denied chicken so this is always a good fall back option, plus it's a good source of protein.
  • Cottage Cheese - he would eat several CUPS of this at a time if we let him. I've seen him do it on more than one occasion. Just like his mama on this one ;)
  • String Cheese - this obsession seems to be fading so it doesn't always work but since he started eating he has always liked string cheese.
  • Hot Dogs - he loves these and though I try not to feed him them too often, they are a last minute lunch option if we are running errands and we don't get home until naptime.
  • Popcorn - he freaking loves this stuff. I'm always nervous when he eats it but he's never had trouble with it *knocks on wood* so we give it to him. We love Boom Chicka Pop and Skinny Pop in their flavored options. A good side choice or easy to throw a snack sized bag in my purse for an on-the-go snack.
  • Grapes - this depends on how good the bag we get is. If they're really flavorful he goes crazy over these. If the bag is so-so then he only eats a small handful at a time.
  • Strawberries - can NEVER go wrong with these. We have a really hard time finding good bunches though so they usually end up going bad a few days after we get them. I don't buy them as often anymore unless they're in season at Costco.
  • Pears - loves bartlett pears but they've caused tummy issues when he eats too many so we don't get these very often.
  • Hummus - LOVES to eat this by the spoonful. I don't normally give him crackers or veggies with it anymore because he'd rather eat it with a spoon. We love the roasted red pepper kind by Sabra.
  • Rice with peas and carrots - this one makes me laugh because a few months ago we tried to get him to eat this and he gagged. The other day we were out to eat and he picked all the peas and carrots out of my rice.
  • Smoothies - he drags the cups out for our little blender several times a day saying "plea, plea?!" while he signs please. We usually use frozen fruit so we don't have to add ice, some frozen greek yogurt cubes, and I always add spinach if we have it on hand. We bought some reusable pouches so I like to make a bigger smoothie and put half in a pouch for later. I put it in the freezer to grab when we are on the go! 
  • Smoothie Pouches - we never did the pouch baby food but I discovered smoothie pouches (Plum Organics) and they are perfect to throw in my bag when we leave the house. I like that these don't go bad for longer so I can leave one in my bag without it going bad the next day.
  • Applesauce - we buy the big jars and the pouches. He loves this but it's messy so I like to let him eat it on bath days ;)
  • YumEarth Lollipops - these are my favorite bribery treats though m&m's come in close second. I tried this brand on a whim and he loved them. I bought a big bag in September from the Halloween section and literally just ordered another bag off Amazon last week. He tends to chew on suckers right out of the wrapper so I like that this brand is flatter instead of round like a ball. I feel like he's less likely to choke if he bites the whole thing off.
  • Cheerios - standard breakfast/snack/bribery food. 'Nuff said.

If you made it through all of that, I'm impressed. This one got a little longer than I normally like to post! Now that I've written down all of his favorites they will probably change because he likes to keep us guessing haha.

What are your kids favorite foods?

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