Oct 24, 2016

Capturing Fall

When the local Fall scene is gorgeous, you might as well make use of it. Even if that means grabbing outfits and running out the door before the sun disappears!

Oct 17, 2016

Farmhouse + Flea Market

I'm starting to realize the older I get that my style just naturally leans towards the country feel. Maybe it's because I was raised on a gravel road but I find myself swooning over the "farmhouse" style of decor. Honestly, my dream would be a farm house out in the country with all my kids running around the yard and some chickens out back! M laughs every time I bring up wanting chickens but that's a whole different topic.

The farmhouse style has become really popular recently because of the tv show Fixer Upper. I mean, Chip and Joanna Gaines seem like absolute sweethearts so it's not hard to fall in love with the show. I've noticed since it's become a hit that everyone and their mom is suddenly all about this style. That's perfectly fine with me because it means more options for decor and more inspiration to look at! Eventually this trend will pass and hopefully I'll be able to find lots of cheap stuff by the time we actually can afford to buy a house ;)

While I've been seeing more farmhouse items pop up in stores, I've been having some luck at flea markets! I love buying the "older" version of something because if it can withstand use long enough to be resold then it's probably a quality/sturdy item. Anymore the new stuff you buy from stores is so cheaply made and it falls apart after a year or two. So frustrating! Last month I spent some time back home with my parents while M was in Germany. My mom and I made a girls + Mav day and went to a really cool local market. There was SO many things that I loved. I told my mom that it's probably a good thing we still live in a small apartment or I would have been even more tempted to buy some really cool pieces of furniture that I found. There were several beautiful hutches that I wanted in the worst way. We just don't have any room in our place right now!

I snagged a few cute signs and an old washboard that I've been wanting forever while we were there. My mom found some really cool stuff too! There were definitely some things that were insanely cheap and a few people had stuff what was way overpriced. I think something I definitely need to work on is knowing my prices on what my "must have" items generally go for. That way when I find them I'll know if they are worth the price or if I should keep looking!

We went to another true flea market the next day and we spotted an old wooden box that was another item on my list. I've been searching for a box like this to store our blankets and throws in but could never find one big enough in any stores. I talked the guy down $10 on it too so I worked on my bargain hunting skills ;) I'm debating if I should just strip it down to wood and leave it or if I should repaint it. I considered leaving it the color it is but pictures don't do it justice, the paint is all splotchy and one side isn't painted at all. I scored a small cast iron skillet in just the size we were missing for $4 too so that made me pretty happy! Hubby scoured off the rust, we seasoned it, and it's starting too look more like all of our other cast irons. We've got quite the collection now!

In This House print by Matted Ink

The Market at White Barns

I had a lot of fun with my family while at these markets and it really opened my eyes to finding some awesome deals for the decor I want. I've decided I'm no longer buying any house items (no matter how stinking cute they are) unless they fall in line with the farmhouse style I'm looking for. We may not be in a house for awhile yet but there's no harm in collecting items to use in our apartment that can also transfer over to a house someday.

What style does your house decorating fall under?

Oct 10, 2016

Annual Trip to Center Grove

That time I gave a stranger my camera in manual mode and hoped for the best. For once we actually got a good family picture out of it!

M came home last weekend after spending most of September in Germany. We missed him immensely! Our little family took a trip to Center Grove Orchard and spent a few hours just playing around. Last year when we went M&M was just a little ham still. This year he was terrorizing the place ;)

Oct 3, 2016

M&M's Toddler Routine

Today's post is more for my own knowledge than anyone else's. I often wish I would have written down our routines in the early days so I could look back on them when we have more kids! Our routine looked different even just a few months ago but now that M&M is 1.5 I think we've settled into this one pretty nicely. Toddlers thrive on routine so it's been helpful for him just as much to have a general order to our day. We go with the flow and most days things don't happen exactly on schedule but such is life with a toddler! I found having no plan at all left me scrambling all day to feel like we'd done something by bedtime. I try not to structure or schedule out the day too much because then I was getting overwhelmed by none of it happening when I wanted it to. Though as life changes I'm sure our schedule will too. It will be fun to look back and see how we used to spend our days just the two of us.

0800: Wake up/Get ready for the day

0830: Breakfast

0900-1000: Independent Play (Mommy does house work or workout)

1000-1200: Interactive Play/Errands/Field Trips

1200-1300: Make and eat lunch

1300-1530: Naptime (Mommy free time)

1530: Snacktime

1600-1930: Family time/Supper

1930: Bedtime Routine

2000: Lights out (Mommy and Daddy time)

What does your routine look like? How much did it change when you added another child?