Sep 30, 2016

Weekly Snapshots

We don't wear him very often anymore but he needed all the snuggles when he was sick and I had to pick up some crackers and gingerale.
His favorite place to hide. This is also the look he gives me when I tell him to say cheese.

He stood watching cartoons like this for a good five minutes. My heart exploded!

Uncle Matt always makes him smile. Unless we're trying to get Mav to eat a cooked carrot!

Right after this we had to run away because there were bees everywhere and they wouldn't leave us alone.
We had a pretty laid back week but the weather has been so beautiful. There are some little black bugs that make being outside pretty miserable right now but we've been trying to get out as much as we can. The best part of it being the end of the week is that M is finally coming home! He missed most of our favorite month so we are ready to have him back with us!

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