Sep 26, 2016

Our Fall Playlist

There's not a day that goes by where we don't have music playing in our house. Depending on our moods and the time of the day, it can range from contemporary Christian music all the way to rave music. We love to have dance parties which are excellent toddler tantrum busters!

Normally we have one of our million Pandora stations playing over the speaker but I decided to make a playlist out of our own music for once. Sometimes it's good to bring back the oldies in your Itunes library and let the memories flood in. So that's exactly what we did for our Fall playlist! 

What are you currently listening to? Anything we should add to our list?


  1. These are great! I used to listen to Joshua Radin in college, but I'd forgotten about him! Will definitely have to start listening again!

  2. Good list!! I love having music going in our house all the time. The first couple of months of T being here, I feel like I forgot how much I like music- lol! It was so chaotic I never thought to turn on a radio or pandora or anything!! Now I turn it on every morning and I'm like "Oh yeah! I used to listen to music on my commute!"


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