Aug 22, 2016

Life at Home

I'm finally starting to settle into the stay-at-home mom roll again. It's been almost three months since my nanny job ended. For the last few months I have felt like we were just winging it to get through the days until M came home from work. I think it was all so surreal that I was getting to stay home with Mav again!

The other day I put together a schedule we can loosely follow through our day. I thrive better when we have a plan for the days where there is nothing going on, otherwise I look back and think "what did we do all day?" This has been really helpful for our M&M too because he's all toddler these days and they thrive on routine.

Our new routine gives us both time for ourselves which is so important to me! It fosters independence in him and gives me a chance to workout and spend some time with God. I love sneaking back to peak at him while he plays or watching him on our video monitor. It's amazing what they can do at such a young age!

The best part of taking an hour or two to focus on myself and get things done around the house means that I can spend naptime working on my new photography business instead of scrambling through my to-do list. Being home has given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream I've had for the last few years. It's been slow-going but now that I've scheduled in time to work on it daily, I'm hoping it will really take off.

Here's to settling in to our new normal at last! I can't wait to see all the things we will do in the next year!