May 12, 2016

April and May Snapshots

Here's a photo dump of the last month or so. There's a lot of stuff going on right now but not a whole lot I really want to share on the Internet. So here's a load of pictures of my wild child :)

Making friends at the park.

Half of our pictures are like this these days!

Spoiled boy eating his first cake pop.

Seriously though, where did my baby go?

Our best friend graduated!

Savoring the snuggles in bed like old times!

Helping Nana with her flowers.

His new favorite place to hide is under the crib at work, that way he can play with his sound machine that he isn't supposed to be touching.

The attitude is strong with this one. Wonder where he got that from ;)

Toddler problems. You don't quite fit anymore little man.


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