Apr 11, 2016

Emergency fixer, dress fluffer, and flower holder

April 9th was a day we've been waiting for for months! Two of our best friends finally got married this weekend! Both M and I were honored to be in the wedding party.

Though the weather was brisk, it was an early Spring wedding so I don't think we should have expected any different. The day went so smoothly and the happy couple was laid back all day long.

One of my favorite parts of being in a wedding is putting together a little "emergency" kit for the wedding party to use. It always comes in handy! I threw in things like wisp toothbrushes, deodorant, snacks, Chapstick, and a ton of other things we could possibly need at the last minute. There were very few things out of the box that didn't get used and I think that helped us avoid any minor emergencies.

I was a little nervous to be the maid-of-honor (okay so technically matron-of-honor but that made me sound old haha) because I've never been before. We did an entrance dance at the reception and I had to give a speech which was the only part I was worried about. I threw some essential oils on to help with my nerves and just went for it. I got several compliments on my speech and I only remember saying "um.." once so I must not have done too bad. ;)

We danced the rest of the night and had a blast! I love love and this weekend was sure full of it!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful wedding! I love your emergency kit idea. I will have to remember that for future weddings!


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