Mar 14, 2016

Yogurt In My Hair

Every stage your kids go through while they grow has its ups and downs. I'm sure that's nothing new! What I wasn't prepared for with toddlerhood was the flip-switch moods. The naughty followed by the sweet.

I think the most accurate description of a toddler is a sour patch kid. The tantrums and general whining are usually followed by the most adorable smiles or giggles. Mav's mood changes like someone is flipping the switch back and forth. His usual disposition is happy as a clam. But literally right as he turned one and joined the toddler ranks, the tantrums came out of nowhere.

Tonight he was having yogurt for supper but as he smeared the last bit in his hair, the crying started. He was mad because he wanted more but didn't want to eat the rest of his supper first. As cute as it is when he blows kisses instead of signing more, I held my ground. More whining. I picked him up from his chair just as he grabbed both sides of my face to give me a big ol' kiss.

Heart melted all over the floor. 

So even though I've got yogurt in my hair, I don't mind because that one kiss makes me forget all the crabbiness. One kiss from my sour patch kid brings us right back to our happy place. 

We'll see what tomorrow brings for our adventures through toddlerhood!


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