Mar 21, 2016


All the rules, boundaries, and patience that is. 

Little M&M has become a big handful. As I told M earlier, he's showing his toddler-ness. Man it is hard to follow through on following rules and discipline when those sweet baby blues are laughing in your face. I've had to start walking away when I know I'm going to laugh because I'm determined to stop fueling the fire. He knows he's cute and he uses it against us at every turn. I know some of it is boredom because he's not easily as entertained. I'm working on that. The other part is just learning what he can and can't get away with; something I can't control.

Today's escapades involve shot-putting his meal across the room and avoiding naps like the plague.

Typical toddler stuff but not any less frustrating to parent. I'm just trying to stay sane while this phase works itself out. Someday I will miss his devilish grin and finding hidden chunks of food in places you'd never expect.

That day is not today. Send wine!


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  1. I love your blog and can definitely empathise! Mahlia is far more cheekier and mischievous than Mia-Mai ever was, but that cute head on shoulder or leg when she had been told No is just the cutest thing ever!


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