Aug 6, 2015

Summer Sendoff

This wild child LOVES to be outside. Unfortunately it's been so hot and rainy this Summer that we haven't had much of a chance to get him outside for more than 5 minutes. I love to complain about how hot it is and how I wish Summer was over. Can you blame me, my favorite season is Fall?

Soon Summer will be over though and everyone will be preoccupied with school once again. Then comes the dreaded 6 month long Iowa winter where we will complain about being too cold. So I'm setting myself straight! No more complaining about Summer and the heat for the next few weeks. We're going to finish out the season strong and positive!

Our family is going to make the extra effort to get out there and do things that we won't be able to once the weather starts to change. Maverick is learning faster than I want to admit so being outdoors is a great experience for him! I'm going to blog about it which is also motivation to get myself back into something I miss doing. I'll be sharing our adventures on Instagram as they're happening incase I don't get time to sit down and write a post right away. Follow along #Hsummersendoff if you'd like. We'd love for you to join us in enjoying the moment instead of wasting the last few weeks whining about the weather.


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