Jun 24, 2015

Maverick's First Zoo Visit

We went to the local zoo on June 13 and we had so much fun! Maverick slept in the ring sling for most of our visit which we expected. When he was awake, he was so intent watching the animals! I think we have an animal lover on our hands.

One of the monkeys celebrating it's first birthday that weekend!

My favorite picture from that day! He was just staring at the tiger :) Babywearing is such a great way to bond and keep baby from getting overwhelmed in large crowds.

First time sitting in the stroller without his carseat. Let's just say this lasted about 5 minutes before he started screaming. We will stick to the ring sling or the carseat in the stroller for a little while longer!

Since the zoo is so close, I anticipate us making lots of trips there for him to see the animals! I can't wait to watch him learn and grow more excited with each visit.


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  1. Ah, now I want to take Bensen to the zoo! Later this summer maybe he'll love it! :)


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