Jun 29, 2015

Maternity and Newborn Sessions

I'm quite late on posting this but I wanted to share a few of my favorites! All photos were taken by Kim Andera of Andera Photography and I cannot say enough great things about her!

We took the maternity pictures about a week before I went into labor so I'm glad we snuck them in. I love that they were so close to the delivery because I have some great photos of what I looked like right at the very end.

The newborn session was done right in our apartment which made the whole thing stress free for me. I pumped and painted my fingernails while most of them were being taken. It was so relaxing! Maverick pooped on one of the setups and then attempted to poop on daddy. He succeeded in pooping on mommy right at the very end but I don't think you can even notice. I just want to get giant prints of all of them to hang around our apartment. I smile every time I look at them!



  1. Beautiful!!! Your nursery looks so comfortable!

  2. Those are beautiful! I LOVE his hair!


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