Apr 14, 2015

Week 38 -- Mar 3-9, 2015

At 1:21am on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 (exactly 38 weeks) after just over 21 hours of labor, a healthy baby boy came into this world! He weighed 6 lbs, 5.4 oz and was 19 inches long. We named him Maverick Stanley and we instantly fell in love!

We were in the hospital until Thursday before we were discharged. The first night home we took 3 hour shifts watching over him while he slept. It was exhausting but well worth it! On Friday he had his first well child check up. He was down from 5 lbs, 13 oz at discharge to 5 lbs 11 oz which they weren't too concerned about since he was having tons of wet diapers. He was discharged with a high jaundice level, they checked it again. It had gone up even more. This was pretty scary since no one really explained what would happen if they kept going up. Our doctor had them send a bili blanket to the house so he wouldn't have to be admitted to the hospital right away. He had to be on the blanket 24/7 unless he was being changed or bathed. He became our little glow worm! My parents came down for the weekend to help out around the apartment and spend some time with their first grandbaby. We went back to the doctor on Saturday and they checked his levels again. The lab tech was awful and it took forever to draw his blood. There was blood all over the table but Maverick took it like a champ. His levels had gone down a little but they wanted to check him again the next day. He met one of his uncles and his other grandpa that day, too! Sunday we went to the hospital to have him checked again. The nurse and lab tech were so sweet there. They answered all of our questions and gave us a lot more information about jaundice. Back home to the bili blanket we went, hoping by Monday afternoon he'd be off of it. Maverick's aunt and uncle came by to visit that day. My parents headed home on Sunday night and  we were on our own again. It was so great to have their help that first weekend, especially since M had to go to drill for a little while and I would have been on my own. On Monday M started his new job (he was supposed to start the day I went into labor but they gave him the week off) so it was just me and Maverick for this appointment. They checked his levels again and FINALLY they were where they needed to be. I had to thank God for answering our prayers right then and there! He was also back up to 6 lbs, 2 oz so our doctor was happy with that! We went home and spent the rest of the day snuggling, free from the restrictions of the bili blanket. As much of a pain as it was, I'm so thankful that they had something we could use in our home instead of being stuck in the hospital for several days! And that is how the first week of Mav's life went :)



  1. I just saw you had him. Congrats! He's beautiful.

  2. I just saw you had him. Congrats! He's beautiful.

  3. Ummm, no fair that you look that good just days after giving birth!!!


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