Apr 14, 2015

Week 36 -- Feb 17-23, 2015

This was unintentionally my last week at work. Which was probably okay because my feet started swelling up like crazy. I ended up breaking the zipper off of one of my favorite pairs of boots because they were so swollen. Embarassing! Since M hadn't started his new job yet, we got to spend a few days just relaxing together. We hung up the rest of the decorations we had in the nursery which made it feel a little more complete! It was really great to have those days because I knew our carefree, just the two of us days were coming to an end. We headed home to NEIA for the weekend. I got suckered into buying girl scout cookies because the baby thought they sounded delicious ;) I also ordered the essential oils I'd been eyeing for months now. Overall I was starting to feel pretty large and in charge but still pretty good!


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