Apr 17, 2015

Maverick's Grand Entrance

I'm writing all of this down so when my lack of sleep causes my memory to fail, I can still remember all of the little things. No details spared. I wrote all of this down without help over the course of the first 4 weeks after Maverick was born so everything is as I remember it. M's version of how things went may be different!

At 4 a.m. I woke up for my nightly potty break. I headed to the bathroom but once I was done, I noticed a little trickle. I had no control over it but I thought that it couldn't have been my water breaking because I barely even noticed it. I had only gotten about 4 hours of sleep since just before bed we noticed Gage had fleas. A quick Walmart run, a doggy bath, and a bed sheet change later put me in bed around midnight. My lack of sleep had to be messing with my mind, right?

Honestly, I thought I just peed myself. 

I was feeling contractions here and there so I decided to time them after I crawled back into bed. After an hour of consistent 5-6 minute apart contractions, I felt another trickle. Did I just pee myself again? I waddled to the bathroom and trickle, trickle before I could make it all the way there. The contractions were starting to get a little more uncomfortable at that point. I let a few more go by before I went to wake up M. I got to my side of the bed when another one hit. I was waiting for it to pass when M woke up. He asked if I was okay so I told him either my water broke or I was peeing myself repeatedly. He said "now what?" My response? Wait for them to get worse I guess.

I told him to take a shower while I finished packing my stuff. I called my midwife's office at 6:15 a.m. to see what she wanted me to do. The answering service said they would page her and if I hadn't heard back in 15 minutes then call again. I showered and then paced around waiting for them to call back. I got a call around 7:15. There was a shift change so the new midwife on call didn't know I was waiting for someone to call back. She told me to head in but shower and eat a light breakfast first. I called my mom to tell her I was in labor and tried not to cry when I told her. I wasn't nervous at all but saying those words out loud got me all choked up! I made sure to have M take one last chalkboard picture before we took off (which I had almost erased the night before to make my week 38 board but I wanted to keep it "just in case" I went into labor before then). I sent out the "I'm in labor!" group text to the few people we wanted to tell beforehand.

We headed to McDonald's because I wanted something to eat but didn't feel like making anything. M got a little sassy when the drive through lady told him to have a nice day. He had no idea the drive-through window was still open when he said "oh, we will!" The cashier definitely heard him! I couldn't stop laughing which hurt because I was still having frequent contractions. We drove to the hospital singing to the radio, both of us were pretty calm.

I waddled my way into the hospital and we took a cramped elevator ride up to labor and delivery. After checking in, they took us straight to a triage room so they could do a test to see if it was really my water breaking. I had been there a little over 2 weeks earlier but my contractions never showed up on the monitor so they sent me home. This time they were showing up so that got me a little more excited! We still weren't sure if they were going to admit me though so neither of us was nervous yet. Around 11, the nurse came back saying the test was positive so it was time to have a baby! She walked us down to our room all the way at the farthest end of the hall. 

Holy swollen legs and feet.
Last picture before we became parents!
Since I was gbs+ they had to start my I.V. right away so I could get the first round of antibiotics. They also had me hooked up to the monitors so they could see M&M's heartrate and my contractions. My midwife, Pam, came in to check on me and talk about Pitocin. I was only a 1 when I was admitted and she wanted me to deliver sooner rather than later to avoid the chance of baby getting sick from the gbs. I wanted to wait as long as possible, knowing that the Pitocin was going to make things a lot more painful. She said she had a meeting but she would be back at 1:30 p.m. to check me and start the Pitocin if necessary. We were free to roam around so we started doing laps around the halls. I was still feeling pretty good so I wanted to be up and moving as much as possible. I had to be back around 12 to get monitored and check on the antibiotics. After those were finished I had them do a hep-lock and intermittent monitoring so I could be as unattached as possible. I was monitored again at 12:30 and then again at 1. After that I decided I was getting tired of walking around the halls so we hung out in the room. I walked around some more, hung out on the birthing ball, then in the rocking chair for a bit. We watched HGTV and just sat around. My contractions had slowed down quite a bit by that point so I knew the Pitocin was inevitable. 

At 2:30 my midwife came back and I was almost at a 2 but was 90% effaced. When I was admitted I think I was only 70% effaced so that was a big step in the right direction. They started the Pitocin which meant I had to stay hooked up to the I.V. and was getting fluids as well. This is where things started to blur together. The nurse came back to check on me every half hour and up the Pitocin level. Immediately the contractions got more uncomfortable and more frequent which was bittersweet. I had packed a ton of snacks in case I felt like eating so I tried to eat some peanut butter for a little bit of energy. I got some down but then I just felt like if I ate any more I was going to be sick. So much for trying to eat during labor (yes Mom, you were right about that haha). Every time they upped the dose things got worse.

 I tried really hard to watch some more HGTV and just focus on relaxing my body during the contractions. After awhile I just couldn't relax during them and they were practically back-to-back at that point. They had me try changing positions several times but nothing really helped. I was far too uncomfortable to get out of bed and walk around or sit on the birthing ball at that point. I told M that I needed some pain meds. He called the nurse and she came down to give me I.V. meds. I have no idea what time that was at or how long I was on those for. It helped my body relax between contractions but didn't help at all during them. Pretty soon after that the pressure of contractions just got to be too much for me to handle. I looked at M and just started bawling. It was a combination of being disappointed that I couldn't do it without the epidural and relief because I knew soon I wouldn't feel it anymore. I was more emotional about getting the epidural than I thought I would be but I knew it was what I needed at that point and I had made it farther than I thought I would. I told him I thought it was time for the epidural so he called the nurse again. They started bringing all sorts of stuff into the room and getting me ready. I was checked again and was only at a 4. They had me get up to go to the bathroom one more time. I didn't even make it all the way there before I had another contraction and was frozen in place. I started crying again once I was in the bathroom because I realized that I was probably no more than a few hours from holding my baby. I had two more contractions before I made it back out of the bathroom and onto the bed. By that point I was over being sad about the epidural and ready to embrace it. 

The nurse had me sitting on the edge of the bed and they raised it up pretty high. M was sitting next to the nurse with a mask on and I was leaning into her shoulder during contractions. I barely felt the numbing shot between contractions. The anesthesiologist had to stop between each one so it took a little bit to get everything in place. Once everything was in the relief came pretty quickly. I'd say about 5 minutes later (everything was still pretty blurred together at that point) the anesthesiologist asked if my legs felt numb. I said "no, not yet.." and he said good because it was a trick question, they weren't supposed to feel numb. The nurse got me all settled in under some blankets and told me to try to get some rest. I think this was around 10 p.m. I felt so relaxed and happy with the choice I had made. We were laughing as we watched contractions on the monitor because I could barely feel the pressure of them. My parents and brother showed up around that time and hung out with us. I was happy M had someone to talk to since I hadn't been able to talk much all night. I dozed in and out, listening to them laugh as I "slept" through the contractions. My midwife checked me around 11 p.m. and said I was pretty much at a 10, there was just a little lip that wasn't finished dilating yet. She had me roll all the way over to the other side, onto my belly as much as I could handle so it would finish. She said she'd be back at midnight to check me again. 

Mom came over to talk to me as I drifted in and out of sleep some more. I told her I really felt like I had to poop but I knew that just meant I was ready to push. They took off around midnight. The nurse and midwife came back a few minutes later to check me again. She said he was really close and that she could feel his fuzzy hair! I started pushing at 12:15 a.m. and pushed with each contraction. M was holding one leg, my nurse had the other, and the midwife was hanging out. That was all that was in the room which I was so thankful for. It helped me relax because I didn't feel like I had an audience. I knew I was pushing longer than I probably should have been because they kept telling me to breathe haha. I wanted him to come out asap and knowing he was so close helped me push even harder. They were so motivating without being over the top. It helped a lot to hear M's words as I pushed! The midwife helped by giving me a place to focus my pushing at. My midwife kept asking if Mark or I wanted to see his head. I just wanted to push him out and didn't want to lose focus on that so I said no. I knew when he was getting close because my midwife had the nurse call down for the baby nurses to come in. 

At 1:21 a.m. on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Maverick entered the world. He cried before they even got him to my chest! I held him so close, I couldn't believe he was finally here. I looked up at M and saw the pride on his face. After a little bit, M asked what we should name him. I said Noah or Hunter, both were on the list of 4 names we had picked out beforehand. I knew by the look on his face that he didn't agree. I said "well I don't know, I haven't even seen his face yet!" I slid him away from my neck where he had been snuggled up at to get a better look. I instantly saw my Grandpa Merlyn's nose (my nose, too) and knew his name. Maverick Stanley after my great grandpa, my grandpa, and my dad. After a little while they took Mav over to finish cleaning him up and get his measurements. They called the on-call OBGYN to help finish with me. M went over to be with Maverick and to get some pictures for me. I heard the nurses say something about the suction machine they use not working and that they couldn't get him fully suctioned out. He weighed in at 6 lbs, 5.4 oz and was 19 inches long. 

They brought him back over so I could try to feed him. It wasn't working out very well but the nurses reassured me that it was normal. He was so sleepy and just didn't want to eat. I held him for the first two hours after while they were coming in to do 15 minute checks. They had some more tests to do so the nurse said they would check his blood sugar but that they might need to supplement with formula if it was too low. I was physically and emotionally exhausted at that point. It wasn't what I wanted but I was worried about what would happen if I couldn't get him to eat. I told her to do it if they needed to. She said they would just keep him in the nursery after his tests until it was time to eat again so we could get some rest. We got about 2 hours of sleep before they brought him back down. It wasn't much at all after being awake for over 24 hours on little sleep but it helped! They ended up having to clean out his poor little belly because not everything had gotten suctioned out. The nurse said that could have been part of the reason why he wouldn't eat. We finally got to snuggle him some more and we were so in love. 


Apr 14, 2015

Week 38 -- Mar 3-9, 2015

At 1:21am on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 (exactly 38 weeks) after just over 21 hours of labor, a healthy baby boy came into this world! He weighed 6 lbs, 5.4 oz and was 19 inches long. We named him Maverick Stanley and we instantly fell in love!

We were in the hospital until Thursday before we were discharged. The first night home we took 3 hour shifts watching over him while he slept. It was exhausting but well worth it! On Friday he had his first well child check up. He was down from 5 lbs, 13 oz at discharge to 5 lbs 11 oz which they weren't too concerned about since he was having tons of wet diapers. He was discharged with a high jaundice level, they checked it again. It had gone up even more. This was pretty scary since no one really explained what would happen if they kept going up. Our doctor had them send a bili blanket to the house so he wouldn't have to be admitted to the hospital right away. He had to be on the blanket 24/7 unless he was being changed or bathed. He became our little glow worm! My parents came down for the weekend to help out around the apartment and spend some time with their first grandbaby. We went back to the doctor on Saturday and they checked his levels again. The lab tech was awful and it took forever to draw his blood. There was blood all over the table but Maverick took it like a champ. His levels had gone down a little but they wanted to check him again the next day. He met one of his uncles and his other grandpa that day, too! Sunday we went to the hospital to have him checked again. The nurse and lab tech were so sweet there. They answered all of our questions and gave us a lot more information about jaundice. Back home to the bili blanket we went, hoping by Monday afternoon he'd be off of it. Maverick's aunt and uncle came by to visit that day. My parents headed home on Sunday night and  we were on our own again. It was so great to have their help that first weekend, especially since M had to go to drill for a little while and I would have been on my own. On Monday M started his new job (he was supposed to start the day I went into labor but they gave him the week off) so it was just me and Maverick for this appointment. They checked his levels again and FINALLY they were where they needed to be. I had to thank God for answering our prayers right then and there! He was also back up to 6 lbs, 2 oz so our doctor was happy with that! We went home and spent the rest of the day snuggling, free from the restrictions of the bili blanket. As much of a pain as it was, I'm so thankful that they had something we could use in our home instead of being stuck in the hospital for several days! And that is how the first week of Mav's life went :)


Week 37 -- Feb 24-Mar 2, 2015

I went to my last day of work without even knowing it. Nanny bebe got sick and so I didn't go to work the last 3 days I was supposed to be there. I'm a little sad about this because I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye. However, being 9 months pregnant, it was probably good that I didn't because my emotions were running pretty high. I tried to get a few things done around the house including getting Gage's nails trimmed, putting together my birth plan, and making my to-do list for the last few weeks before baby's arrival. Just before bed on that Sunday, M found a flea on Gage. Gross! So at 10pm we were off to Walmart for some flea meds and shampoo. One dog bath and a new set of bed sheets for both his kennel and our bed, we went to sleep. Little did I know we would be headed to the hospital the next morning! I was admitted and spent the last day of week 37 in labor :)


Week 36 -- Feb 17-23, 2015

This was unintentionally my last week at work. Which was probably okay because my feet started swelling up like crazy. I ended up breaking the zipper off of one of my favorite pairs of boots because they were so swollen. Embarassing! Since M hadn't started his new job yet, we got to spend a few days just relaxing together. We hung up the rest of the decorations we had in the nursery which made it feel a little more complete! It was really great to have those days because I knew our carefree, just the two of us days were coming to an end. We headed home to NEIA for the weekend. I got suckered into buying girl scout cookies because the baby thought they sounded delicious ;) I also ordered the essential oils I'd been eyeing for months now. Overall I was starting to feel pretty large and in charge but still pretty good!