Feb 20, 2015

Week 35 -- Feb 10-16, 2015

Week 35 was a pretty exciting one! We got a few last minute "bigger" items that we'd been missing like a big swing and an extra car seat base. They weren't really needs but they were things that we wanted to have and my mom was nice enough to get them for us! So M put together the swing and Gage had to test it out. No worries though, he jumped out immediately and after getting a little too close (and getting smacked in the nose) he's avoided it altogether. Wednesday morning I started feeling like I could breathe a bit better. My belly looked different and I was starting to wonder if he'd dropped. After comparing pictures from the day before and several comments, I'd say he's making his way downward! Friday both me and M were home so we spent the day shopping for nursery decor. It was fun to just wander through the stores together and choose each little piece for M&M's room. I'd been craving ice cream again so after we got all finished, I had some Coldstone and put my feet up! Saturday was a busy day. I made us a festive pancake breakfast and then got ready for my job interview. I haven't talked about it really at all but I will be finding a new job to start after maternity leave. The interview went really well and then we headed out for our Valentine's lunch. A nap was necessary after all the delicious food. Then I got ready again and we headed out to a hockey game! We didn't get to go to one last year because M was gone pretty much the entire season. I had thrown a brand new bag of peanut M&M's that M gave me for Valentine's day in my purse for the ride to the game and back. I honestly forgot that I probably couldn't bring them into the game with me. Needless to say, I almost started crying when the security guard made me throw them out. They hadn't even been opened! I think I should have gotten a pass since I am quite obviously pregnant and in need of chocolate at all moments ;) I think I will pout about that for a long time haha. The game was a lot of fun and we got plenty of people watching in! Throughout the whole thing, I had been tracking some Braxton Hicks contractions. They were pretty consistent and by the time we got home, we decided I'd had enough in an hour that I should probably call L&D to see what they thought. After chugging about 40 oz of water and waiting another hour, they had me come in. We frantically got the car packed and headed all the way back to the hospital which is quite a distance from our house (and just a few minutes away from where the hockey game was). Of course, they petered out once I got all hooked up but I got to listen to his heartbeat for about an hour which I never get tired of! It was around 3 am by the time we got home so we slept in pretty late on Sunday. We spent the rest of the day putting up the nursery decor and cleaning up the mess we'd made while packing up Saturday night. Though I'm a little disappointed that it was just a false alarm, every day brings us closer to little man and I'm thankful for that! We will see what week 36 brings..


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