Feb 19, 2015

Week 34 -- Feb 3-9, 2015

My face is cut out of this week's bump picture because I was being a bit grumpy and I ran out of time to take a decent picture. That's not the important part of the picture anyway ;) Had a midwife appointment to which we were nearly an hour late to because of the snow. Even though we gave ourselves an extra 45 minutes to get there in the first place. Lovely Iowa weather! Thankfully everyone after me had rescheduled so they were still able to get me in! We got confirmed my suspicions that M&M had returned to the head down position and that there was basically a zero percent chance of him flipping again because he's just running out of room in there. A huge relief to hear that! I spent the rest of the week just enjoying M being home :) Nothing like a month apart to make you really appreciate each other. M had drill that first weekend back but thankfully it was also family day so I got to go with! We dropped him off early Saturday morning and then I headed to Cedar Rapids to spend some time with one of my best friends there. We got some shopping done for the nursery and got to catch up after months apart. I ran back to Iowa City to pick M up and then we all went to BWW for food. I have to laugh because I always drink WAY more water when we go out to eat or I'm not at home. I think it's the ice in the water and the fact that they are always filling it up which means I have no excuses. The next day I dropped M off early once again and then wasted a few hours around town before I could pick him up again. I had a near embarrassing moment while meandering through Target in the mall because I couldn't find a bathroom. Let's just say I did the fastest waddle-run I could across the mall to find a bathroom in the nick of time. Pregnancy definitely keeps me on my toes! Once I picked M up again, we headed over to family day where I got to meet all of his buddies and their families. Since he's in the Reserves, I am pretty secluded from the other families in his unit. We don't ever see each other or have the opportunity to talk. It was great to finally meet them and feel like I could make some connections! We also had our first FRG meeting and I'm excited to see that it will help us stay connected throughout the year. I need that connection to some other ladies who understand what it's like! We got home late and exhausted but it was so worth it to be there for family day. Monday I got my Happy baby wrap carrier in the mail and I just had to try it out! I wanted to get the "real" experience so I used a doll we had laying around as my fake baby. I'm so excited for him to get here so I can carry him around in it!


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