Jan 27, 2015

Week 32 -- Jan 20-26, 2015

This week was filled with lots of emotions. M&M was head down at 28 weeks and was staying put until the beginning of week 32. I felt him flip, hard, so his little head was pushing into my ribs instead of his toes. I was happy that I didn't have to worry about him being breech and though I know he's got plenty of time to flip, it was not an added stress I need at the moment. He's been rolling around in there all day long instead of just his normal wake times. I'm not sure if he's still head up since I've felt "kicks" and hiccups in both directions all week. I'll just have to wait until my next appointment to find out! I also found out some down right shitty news about my job so that wasn't helping my blood pressure go back to normal. But then those opportunities reminded me that my husband, my family, and my friends are there for me and it will all be alright. I've been craving sweets this week. It's hard since eating very much of them still gives me a belly ache but all the pictures of doughnuts and cupcakes on Instagram have been making me drool. I got everything packed in my hospital bag, the diaper bag, and M's bag that can be packed before hand. I may have gone a little overboard on packing snacks but I don't want either of us to go hungry while we are there and vending machines are spendy! Now if I go into labor and have to send someone to get my stuff, all the hard to find stuff is already packed. 

Another thing to mention was that I dealt with a few rude comments this week. One was from a Walmart worker while I was just walking around. The other was while I was trying on a maternity dress at Target and the dressing room worker made a comment that she could have just kept to herself. (Isn't it your job as a worker to be helpful, not make snarky comments to shoppers?) I'm feeling pretty lucky that I made it into my 8th month before I dealt with any of that but still a little surprised that it happened. I was feeling pretty good both days so I just laughed it off after telling a few people about it. Just remember folks, pregnant ladies are quite hormonal and your "well meaning" comment may come off as quite the opposite. It's better to only say nice things like you're glowing or you look beautiful otherwise you may be on the receiving end of a mood swing haha.


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  1. I'm still so sad that people told you you were just going to get bigger! Every time I take a bump picture, I get more excited for how big I look hahaha. I've never felt more beautiful than I do pregnant and I love it when people stare at my bump because I think in some outfits, I'm the right size that people aren't quite sure if I'm pregnant or not and other people can tell and will smile at me. If anyone every makes comments like that to me, I probably won't react nicely. Well... maybe I'll be nice, but I'll let them know how beautiful I feel so they feel silly for suggesting I'm big! Showing off the bump is my favorite thing to do. Joe laughs at how proud I am of it.


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