Jan 15, 2015

Week 30 -- Jan 6-12, 2015


The day I found out (4 weeks + 2 days) to 29 weeks, what a difference one spunky little baby has made!

This week's picture was a little complicated to get. Normally I would just use my tripod and camera to take it but my camera died, I didn't have time to charge it, and I'm still unsure as to the whereabouts of my tripod. So I resorted to using my phone and the self timer. However, there was nothing that was at the right height and angle to set it on. After a few adjustments, I found an arrangement that worked! I declared this the week that my belly button officially became an outie. I'm impressed that I made it 3/4 of the way through with an innie! It still comes out flat some days but for the most part, it sticks out! M&M wanted waffles, smoothies, and fresh fruit this week! We had a little bit of a scare for a few days which involved lots of Braxton Hicks but thankfully things calmed down and he stayed put. The midwife gave me some samples of a new medicine to try and see if I could get off the Zofran that I've still been taking. That damn morning sickness has it's grip on me. While it did keep me from needing to take my Zofran, it has Unisom in it which made me unbearably sleepy. I went to work and could barely keep my eyes open so I decided it just wasn't going to work. I stopped taking the Zofran when I started the new meds and didn't start taking them again once I stopped the second med. I've had a few rough days but so far I've been off everything since the 8th and haven't thrown up so far. Nausea, yes, but that I can handle as long as the vomiting stays away. M took some maternity photos for me so I worked on editing them and I love how they turned out! He's a much better photographer than he gives himself credit for! We also had a pretty major snow storm at the beginning of the week that was combined with some insanely cold days. It's been a super mild winter thus far so I really can't complain too much. Between the 7" of snow we got the first day to the wind picking it up and blowing it around, we had about 4 days where the roads were pretty icky. Hopefully we don't get that much snow again for quite awhile!


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