Jan 15, 2015

Week 29 -- Dec 30-Jan 5, 2015

After passing my GD test, mommy was ready to celebrate the new year arriving! My parents, my brother, and my SIL came over for New Year's Eve. We went grocery shopping (our fridge was still pretty empty from moving and since we were gone so much, I never restocked it) and then settled in to watch a movie and play Cards Against Humanity. Lots of laughs were had and I celebrated with some sparkling grape juice! I got my midnight kiss and then teared up thinking about how the year our first baby is born had finally arrived. I'm so ready to meet him! We headed to bed not long after which was good because I got grumpy once I realized how tired I was. The next morning we went out for breakfast and then hung out with my parents again! I went to work the next day while M spent some more time with my parents. We explored our new town all weekend. We went on one of the last dates that we'll go on until after M&M is born. We checked out a Chinese restaurant and it was delicious! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before but I used to hate Chinese food (mainly because rice is a staple) up until a few years ago. I hated rice and didn't even want to try it! M finally got me to try it and now I'm obsessed. So happy that there is a great place to indulge in my cravings locally :) We tried out a new church that we'd heard good things about and while I'm still unsure whether I want to attend there regularly, I did feel better after going. It was a fairly small church and a sweet couple cornered us before we even got out of the pew. They introduced themselves and definitely made us feel welcome to come back again! Gage decided that he needed to snuggle with his little brother while we sat in the rocking chair one afternoon. Melts my heart! I craved ice cream and ice water this week. We got the happy news that little man was head down as of the last appointment so hopefully he stays that way! It also helps me know that it's his butt bulging out of my belly, not his head, and that he's kicking me in the ribs while punching my bladder. Much more fun to know how he's laying then to make an uneducated guess!


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