Jan 14, 2015

Week 28 -- Dec 23-29, 2014

Christmas eve and Christmas day were so relaxing. We enjoyed our last major holiday season! The food was delicious as always but my poor little stomach was already so smushed from baby that I didn't get to eat as much as I wanted to. We spent a day and a half back home before it was back to our apartment for another Christmas gathering down here. Hopefully next year we won't be doing so much back-and-forth in one week! We had a fabulous weekend with family and we got quite spoiled! We got our crib and changing table gifted to us which was a huge relief as well as a diaper bag and a pair of maternity leggings! We immediately set out to get as much of the nursery organized as possible after that. I even got all of M&M's clothes washed and put away (everything that didn't have tags at least) and all his stuff organized in the changing table. I feel so much more relaxed having that done! Then I had my gestational diabetes test and I was nervous about passing. I drank the lemon lime drink on the drive there and I was starving the whole drive. The drink really wasn't that bad, it tasted a lot like lemon lime koolaid. It also wasn't a fasting test but I read that eating within two hours of the test could cause a false positive so I didn't want to chance it. My arms tingled a little but other than that I felt completely fine! I got the news that I passed the next day and also that my iron levels had risen a whole point since the last time they checked. Not there yet but headed in the right direction at least!


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