Jan 14, 2015

Week 27 -- Dec 16-22, 2015

Unintentionally matched nanny bebe. Showed up to work wearing cheetah print leggings, solid socks, and a solid shirt to realize her mom had dressed her in the same thing! I'll have the best of both worlds when baby comes because I can play dress up with a little boy and a little girl :)

Lots of cravings this week (something different every day although I forgot to write them down) but still no weird combinations. We were kinda hoping I would crave something super strange or mix weird foods together. Everything so far has been stuff that I already loved before hand. We celebrated Christmas with one side of my extended family and it was so much fun! Though I was a little sad that I couldn't partake in the wine drinking with my aunts and grandma, I know little man is worth it. The food was seriously delicious too! M&M was laying in strange spots all week that made it really hard to lean back in any seat. I either had to be laying flat or sitting up straight which didn't feel very comfortable either. He figured out how to jam his foot into my ribs which he did repeatedly all week. My belly bump took on more of a pointy, outward shape this week instead of just a round basketball type shape. It's either from baby finding new places to lay or all that extra Christmas food! I finally got my rocking chair this week and M got it all set up for me in the nursery. It really made it look a little better in there since the only other thing in the room was a chair we used to have in our living room. It's my favorite place to sit and relax in now!


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