Jan 13, 2015

Week 26 -- Dec 9-15, 2014

I almost forgot to take my 26 week picture! I was in bed around 11:45 on the last night of week 26 and I remembered. So out of bed it was for me to quickly get my picture taken before it was too late. I hadn't missed a week yet so I wasn't about to start now! We signed the papers to our new place and within 4 days had everything packed up, moved to the new place, and unpacked all but the stuff we just had in storage boxes. We were pretty much settled in by that first night! I'm so thankful for friends and family! They stepped up in a huge way to help us get this move done as quickly as possible. From the packing to the moving and even unpacking, we had so much help. If it weren't for them, I would have had to help carry more than I should have been carrying and M would have had to do all the heavy stuff by himself. I packed stuff up and then the day of the move I just got to direct everything and clean up our old apartment. It took two trips to get everything over so I stayed behind in between trips and started to unpack. I never thought I'd feel so calm and relaxed the day of a big move, especially being 6 almost 7 months pregnant. We went back to our old place the next day after everyone left to finish up the cleaning and said goodbye to our first home as a family. I was a little sad to say goodbye but much more excited to be in our new place and to not have to worry about moving with a newborn!

M&M really started dancing along to music this week which is fantastic because mommy and daddy are always dancing! I craved Ben & Jerry's like crazy this week which made for a good scene while I watched the VS fashion show, big baby bump and all! We finally got our hands on our travel system that had been sitting at my parents' house for a few weeks. It's funny because we were both excited over different parts of it. M was ecstatic to play with the stroller (which is his "toy") and I was happy to have M&M's carseat in our possession. Having his car seat and also having a nursery to start putting together really made things real this week. We are finally in the place that our little boy will come home to and that was pretty damn exciting!


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