Jan 13, 2015

Week 25 -- Dec 2-8, 2014

I may or may not have been dancing when this picture was snapped..
This was the last full week we spent in our first apartment together. We found out the day we were supposed to get our keys for a new place that we were no longer qualified to live there so we had to start over. It was a very hectic week but we found our new home within a few days and were ready to sign the papers by the time I hit 26 weeks. M&M's movements started to give me motion sickness this week. His movements were quite large and every time he rolled from one side of my belly to the other, I got a wave of nausea. I also started to notice a major pattern in his sleep and awake times this week. He was active from the time I woke up until a little after breakfast, then slept for the most part until supper time. From supper until bedtime he got really active again and then it was back to sleep for little man. It was so fun to realize that I could start to depend on feeling kicks and movements at certain times of the day instead of just sporadically!

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