Jan 5, 2015

Week 23 -- Nov 18-24, 2014

Mama forgot to plan ahead this week so our bump picture was taken at the very last minute of week 23. We went out with some friends to grab supper before everyone headed out for the holidays. It was so good to see them and also to get out of the house! Auntie Taylor even got to feel him kick for the first time while we were waiting for our table at supper. It was a stressful week on the apartment search front so we needed a break. We were already dressed nice so we headed to the movies after supper instead of heading home. We watched the Hunger Games: Mockingjay since it had just come out. I really struggled to stay awake the whole time! The movie was alright but I was just so wiped out still. We discovered M&M really responds to loud sounds. He was rolling around the entire movie, reacting really strongly every time there was a loud sound! I woke up the next morning and I swear my belly had "popped" again because it looked so much bigger than it had the night before! I really craved Mexican food this week so M indulged and got me some Pancheros. I got full quickly so I wrapped up 3/4 of my burrito and had it sitting on our coffee table. I was pretty much in tears an hour later when we realized Gage had stolen it and ate almost the entire thing before we noticed. Never thought I would get so sad about food but I guess it's true, don't mess with a pregnant woman's food!


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  1. It's funny you say that about M&M moving during the movie. I've feeling faint movements that I wasn't sure if it was our baby or not. But we went to the movies this weekend and he was moving a lot. It confirmed that feeling I was feeling IS him and it's now a little stronger. I thought maybe he just really like movie theater popcorn (we eat popcorn a lot at home) but maybe it was the loud movie! (We saw Into The Woods)


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