Nov 4, 2014

Week 19 - October 21-27, 2014

Mommy pampered herself by coloring her hair and getting a haircut for the first time since her birthday. It was much needed! Feeling productive this week, I wrote out all the blog posts I'd been putting off and cleaned out my emails. Energy seemed to be high all week even though I still had a sick day. Hopefully they become less and less throughout the rest of the pregnancy but as long as little man is growing, I'll try not to complain. Daddy got to feel M&M kick for the first time this week! Equally as exciting, the pants in this picture are buttoned :) I didn't know I had a pair that could still button so when I put them on I was pretty ecstatic. It's been awhile since I wore pants without my Bella band so it was a little victory!


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