Nov 12, 2014


Today I'm especially frustrated. Let's just say, I've never been a fan of Craigslist and my recent encounters have not made that any better.

It's so easy to get worked up about something when you have so little control over it. Stress is never great for your body but right now, it's extra important that I don't get too stressed. I've never been one to handle it well. I tend to manifest it physically. I get really sick and my entire back/shoulders tighten up to the point of this burning sensation. Keeping my body relaxed is a huge priority until little man comes out!

I've been trying to think of ways to stay calm, even when all I want to do is be really mad.

And then, M&M kicks me. Moves around in my belly. Kicks me again. I look down at this newly formed belly just in time to see it bounce from another kick. In the past few weeks, I've gotten used to the feeling of him in there. I still smile every time it happens but I don't stop what I'm doing to really appreciate it.

This little man really is a miracle. God blessed us with this little life that I'm solely in charge of protecting right now. I think it's so easy to get used to certain parts of pregnancy and not really appreciate the amazing gift that it really is. Especially when you're still sick and new pregnancy symptoms pop up almost daily on top of that. Or because life can be busy and we just settle into the way things are.

Today I've decided that when I'm frustrated with what's happening, I will just stop. I will sit for a few minutes and talk to my little man in there. Feel him moving about. Thank God for this life because I can never thank Him enough. Think about all the little things I'm so excited to do once he arrives. Appreciate the fact that I'm able to carry a healthy pregnancy when so many women aren't so lucky.

When you stop and appreciate the little things, the big things get put into perspective a little more. Take some time to do that today if you're feeling stressed, frustrated, or just a little blah.

Happy Wednesday!

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