Oct 23, 2014

Week 4 - Week 11

Week 4
I'm pregnant!

 Week 5
Naps every single day.

Week 6
Having a hard time keeping it a secret!

Week 7
Notice the sea bands on my wrists, this is when morning sickness got the better of me! After a week of constant throwing up and losing way too much weight, I got on Zofran to help.

Week 8
It was a good day if the entire thing wasn't spent in bed. I also told my parents this week with an "anniversary present." Mom got it right away and Dad thought it was just a funny (and appropriate) plaque. They were happy to find out that they are going to be grandparents!

Week 9
Still mostly spent in bed snuggling with Gage when I wasn't at work. First time my bump showed through my shirt. We bought those mini m&m's to use for our announcement and we thought it was so cool when we got home and realized that they had the due date on them!

Week 10
We got to see a few sneak peeks of our pictures. The belly started to stick up even when I was laying down! I was still wondering if baby was a boy or a girl and if there was possibly twins! I had my first midwife appointment and we heard M&M's heartbeat for the first time ever! We bought a fetal heart doppler so we could listen at home. I filled out my first chalkboard and almost ruined the new board because the chalk markers we bought didn't want to come off. Craving potatoes and cereal.

Courtesy of Andera Photography

Week 11
Got our fetal doppler and listened to M&M every night! Heartbeat was still hard to find and pretty quiet but it was fun to listen to! Made the announcement public this week!



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