Oct 25, 2014

Week 15 - Sept 23-29, 2014

This week was the first time that I felt like my "bump" could be not only noticed by strangers but also looked more like baby than a few extra pints of ice cream. We ran out of sunlight before getting this picture which is why it's in our kitchen instead of outside! We tailgated and I loved how this dress made me look :) The sweet cravings disappeared and were replaced by sour and salty this week. It really threw us off since we were thinking girl because of the cravings. French fries may have been a daily staple in my diet this week and pickles showed up too. Tuesday is when we get to find out if M&M is a boy like mommy thinks or a girl like daddy guesses.

We also got a video of our pictures that we had taken in August! I wanted a last set of pictures with just the two of us (and before I was really showing)! We also had a few taken with the Army onesies we bought to remember that there were really 3 of us in those pictures :) Check out the link if you'd like to see them.


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