Oct 25, 2014

Week 14 - Sept 16-22, 2014

We forgot to take our weekly picture until bedtime, the night before I was 15 weeks. So here is me right after a shower, no makeup, in my pajamas. I thought about not posting this picture but this is what I look like most days so I went for it! We were excited to officially be in the 2nd trimester this week (depending on where you look, it's anywhere from 12-14 weeks so we went with 14)! Morning sickness came back hard this week, getting really sick of being sick. Since my morning sickness was awful this week, I wasn't craving anything because everything sounded and smelled horrible. I had my 2nd midwife appointment this week and met another of the midwives that could possibly deliver M&M. Everything went well! Still had a strong heartbeat, in the 150's, and my belly was measuring on the right track. I lost 1 pound at this point making my total weight gain so far 1 pound. We aren't worried as long as I can keep food down and start to gain at some point! I loved the picture M snapped of me with Gage so you get that thrown in here too :)


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  1. I've already told you on IG, but I'm SO HAPPY for you! If you need any help with anything, let me know! Fellow boy mom here lol! Also, I'm going to have to send you some goodies!!!


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